1. J

    JioFi vs alternatives

    Hi Friends, I'm thinking of getting JioFi. Or something very similar(cheap/reasonable). Does anyone have experience in this case ? Is there any good competition for JioFi from other carriers like !dea,Vodafone,Airtel,Tata or others ? (Google wont give me much on this one) I've been searching...
  2. M

    Please Suggest me a Wi-Fi Dongle and some questions - HELP

    Hello everyone I would like to use BSNL SIM (3G) with a Wi-Fi Dongle, following are my requirements: 1. I want to use the dongle like this: - In my room WCDMA network signal is almost NIL, so I will be using it with a adapter...
  3. M

    Query about BSNL 1099 3G Plan

    Hello everyone I would like to know whether BSNL's 1099 3G Plan (with NO FUP) is a temporary or permanent plan? Any ideas? I am thinking of using this plan for my internet needs using a Dongle. Will also disconnect my existing wired connection because of pathetic service by the ISP. Thanks
  4. ax3

    Tata Photon !!!

    hi, any1 using Tata Photon ... its a wireless 3g dongle ... how do i change dns ??? thanx
  5. montsa007

    Unlimited / FUP 3G Plan for Dongle?

    Location : Mumbai Budget: 1-1.7k/Month Speed Required : 1 Mbps or better Use : Torrenting on the NAS Box which runs 24*7 Connected via : USB Dongle Was using the MTNL 1600-1700 UL plan, cannot find any alternative.
  6. rohitshakti2

    Which wifi dongle in Delhi ?

    Hi friends, I want to buy a wifi dongle and I am living in Delhi. The usage is just switching from 3G to wifi dongle so that everyone in the family can use the net. So I want to know which is the best budget wifi dongle with decent network quality.... regards
  7. B

    [For Sale] Tata Photon Max Wifi Data Card EC315 (Only 3 Months Used)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Tata Photon Max Wifi Data Card EC315 (Only 3 Months Used) Expected Price: Rs 1199/- Source and Time of Purchase: Somewhere around September 2015 Reason for Sale: Not in use anymore RMA/Servicing history: Never...
  8. S

    Need A2DP bluetooth dongle for my Jabra ROX

    Recently I had purchased a wireless Bluetooth headphone from Jabra called as ROX. Now I wish to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to connect it to my PC. I am not sure of any Bluetooth dongles that support A2DP for music streaming through it. Suggestions?
  9. P

    Raspberry Pi 2/Debian Wheezy Query - IOT

    Dear All, Hi, I am new to Raspberry Pi Programming or Rather python programming. I needed some heads up for the below config on how can i proceed for the configuration. I have a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B configured at my Home and Connected to Internet via 3G Dongle (Tata Docomo). Lets say that i...
  10. N

    NAT/DHCP inside dongle

    Hi, We are using TP-Link MR3020 3G/4G Portable router with Huawei K5150 4G dongle. When I use the combination here in India, I see public IP getting assigned as the WAN IP of the TP-Link router. However when the same is tried with an European operator, the TP-Link WAN IP is private IP...
  11. I

    3g WiFi dongle?

    I am looking to buy a 3g modem with WiFi connectivity (MTS?) to be used with my hostel mates (4-5people). We need an alternative to using the extremely expensive 3g network on our individual mobile devices. What do you recommend? Is a 3g dongle like MTS really the best option? We'll have it...
  12. Alok

    Dongle slow speed in one while fast in other laptop

    About two weeks ago everything was fine. I have two laptops, and same 4g dongle giving 60Mbps in one laptop without any fluctuation while in second one its fluctuating a lot between 20 to 30 Mbps. Sometime ago it was fine but now its bad. Whats wrong I can't figure out. what I did so far...
  13. F

    3G dongle for use in Bangalore

    Hello Friends I m using MTS Mbalze postpaid 3G plus 999 plan. Recently I have been downgraded from 40Gb plan to 15GB day + 15Gb night plan. I m planning to shift to any other data provider. Please suggest the best option available in Bangalore. Monthly Budget: Rs 1000-1500 Data Required: Min...
  14. Ronnie11

    Dongle required under 2000

    Hey guys. So a friend of mine has moved abroad and as a result looking for a dongle which he could plug at home and use internet with. He will need a dongle or any sim card based instrument which could give a good range in his house. Could you guys recommend something for about 2000 or so.
  15. D

    reliance zte ac 2739 dongle to wifi connection help plz

    dear digitians i want to connect my reliance3 dongle zte ac2739 model to my fonepad. kindly suggest me a router which supports the model and lets me access internet via wifi. tnx
  16. D

    reliance dongle to asus fonepad

    Dear digitians can anyone guide me to connect reliance 3 dongle(non-3G) to asus fonepad me 175cg i need step-by-step procedures to connect using otg cable to connect dongle but the device isn't detected.any other option to connect? when i spoke to cce he said zte devices(reliance...
  17. TechnoBOY

    How to Unlock my 3G dongle ?

    How can i unlock ?
  18. LegendKiller

    Best internet dongle for NCR

    I recently bought a new laptop for both my work and home purpose and i want to buy a internet dongle. I live in Ghaziabad and my office in CP New Delhi I was not happy with my tata docomo dongle as it's speed was poor. Please tell the cost and best connection speed.
  19. N

    Huawei Aircel 3G Dongle autodisconnecting

    Hello Digitians, I own a Aircel 3g dongle (Huawei software that manages the connections done thru it ) , the dongle is working fine , but the problem is that after a certain period of time sa 5 minutes or 10 minutes , the connection drops and i have again to open the soft and reconnect it...
  20. webdesigncut

    What will happen if i dont use my tataphoton dongle for 2yrs

    Hello friends, I did buy a tata photon dongle almost 2yrs back.. but after using it for couple of months .. i stopped using it .. as i dont need it at the moment since i use vodafone Internet pack.. but the problem is i got calls almost 500 times.. yes i mean 500times from tata photon customer...
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