1. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming Part IV

    Expert Java Programming Part 4: In this tutorial we'll write some cool Java games like BreakOut, PackMan, MineSweeper, ripple effect, Tetris, Scrabblet, CDShelf. 1) Write a Find MacOS Finder File browser like Stacked view ? Ans: You can browse among the albums by clicking on...
  2. JGuru

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java

    Introduction to Software Enginnering & Development using Java To write better software you need to engineer the software components, use the Core Java API well to write a better software. Here are some sample softwares like editor, imageviewer, download manager, calculator, zip archiver...
  3. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming Part III

    Expert Java Programming Part III In this tutorial we will look at writing Java Programs at the expert level!! I got some exciting Java programs to get your Java adrenaline pumped up!! Let's get started!! 1) Write a simple program to show a Collage Demo in Java ? /** *...
  4. JGuru

    Introduction to Android programming

    Introduction to Android programming Lets get started programming in Android!!. I give some android useful examples with complete source code. I'm not a android programmer. But learning android is easy for a Java programmer!! Let's start !! Threads Handler Demo package...
  5. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming - Part 2

    Part II of Expert Java JButton A JButton can show an Image or text or both. Here we display an Image. An array of buttons is shown displaying the images. The method loadImages() loads the images in the 'Images' directory. The method darken and brighten , darken & brighten the Image. We...
  6. JGuru

    Object-Oriented Programming in Java

    Object-Oriented Programming in Java Problems with Procedural Langauages OOPS was invented because procedural languages such as C, Pascal, BASIC were found to be inadequate for large and complex programs. One difficulty with this kind of function-based organisation was it focussed on functions...
  7. JGuru

    Expert Java Programming

    Expert Java Programming Learn how to program using the Java language at the next level - expert level. This guide contains plenty of code that showcases how to use Java at the higher level. The following demo shows how to implement a custom button with a custom color. The button pulsates...
  8. Nerevarine

    Need debugging help ASAP

    C++ DEBUG This one last error is making me insane Here's the code The error is Case bypasses initialization of local variable in main Need help ASAP
  9. Ashokkumar01cbe

    static variables

    hi frnds void staticno(); void main() { staticno(); staticno(); staticno(); } void staticno() { static int c=0; printf("\n%d",c++); } the output i got is 0 1 2 and for this program second program void staticno(); void main() { staticno(); staticno(); staticno(); }...
  10. theserpent

    Help me in these programs(C programing)

    I need help in these programs i can't figure out how to do it :( Fuctions:With Arguements and with returns IN C PROGRAMING 1)Sum of digits of a number untill the resulting value is a single digit no 2)Find the frequency of a digit in a given number 3)To find the no of odd and even in a...
  11. Prongs298

    What is wrong with this program?

    it exits after i enter the choice of the menu item.. #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<math.h> #define MAX 1000 char v2; void dectobin(); void octtobin(); void hextooct(); void hextobin(); void main(){ do { printf("WHAT DO YOU WANT...
  12. I

    Can a WD passport drive (500 GB) be repaired ??

    I have a western digital 500 GB external drive. It has some problem - the drive just hang the whole computer upon connecting and i just cant get it working. For some reasons, its warranty is void. So is there anything i can do with it to repair it ?? Like changing its card or something ??
  13. S

    Questions about Rooting & Installing Custom Roms

    Hello every1...i bought Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 few days back ..it came with Gingerbread 2.3.6 & i upgraded it to ICS through kies... Now i want to root my device & try some custom roms ..i read this thread already by Sam...
  14. P

    problem during creation of object file

    hi, I have a problem in understanding the creation of object file just look at the code below. in the code below i have defined struct node in another C file. I have no any declaration of struct node in this code . But when i am compiling this code to generate the object code it is...
  15. A

    Exception handling - Java

    here are 2 versions of same program: version 1: package dutt; class App{ static void demo(){ try{ throw new NullPointerException("generic"); }catch(NullPointerException q){ System.out.println("caught inside demo"); throw q; } } public static void...
  16. bijay_ps

    what is *&???

    I got this question from a study material for GATE exam. The code is as follows:#include<stdio.h> void main() { char *p; p="Hello"; printf("%c\n",*&*p); } someone please explain me what is this *&*p and what and how it does??
  17. speedyguy

    Android : Call Inner class function. Not working

    I need to call an inner class method from outer class. The following code i have written which shows no error but on runtime it throws android error box asking me to force close. I need inner class as i want to extend a class for its method. Is there anyway? Where am i going wrong Thanks...
  18. B

    How to get all font styles from system in c#.net?

    I am implementing a Font Dilouge Box application. I have created 3 listboxes font family,font style & font size & a text box to dispaly the formated text. I have done the coding to get all the font families & to apply them in the textbox in the following code: private void...
  19. B

    pageindex changed event in gridview

    How to handle the pageindexChanged in gridview in asp.net in the following code? protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { ob.conn(); gridview(); } public void gridview() { ob.grdv("select * from user_album where user_id='" +...
  20. bijay_ps

    Please Explain

    I have downloaded this top down parsing program from the net. but am not able to understand the working of fuction "process". somebody please help me in getting the concept of the program. #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> #include<string.h> class parse { int...
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