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which gfx card to buy among these?


hi everyone, i have shortlisted 3 cards - hd 6870, gtx 560 ti and hd 6950. I am totally confused regarding which one to buy. can anyone suggest (mentioning the exact brand, model and approx price in kol would be very very helpful). my pc config is as follows -
c2d e8400
4GB dual channel ddr2 ram (800Mhz)
xfx 680i lt sli mobo
cm silent pro M700 PSU
corsair 400R cabby

hoping to buy asap, maybe even tomorrow, if i can decide.


Broken In
At your budget the best option would be to wait for the release of the remaining nvidia kepler cards so that the price of the 7850 will fall.

But that could mean a long time since they are going to be released in the upcoming months and they will be only available in India after there is sufficent supply and stock of these cards.

So at present I feel the 6950 2gb will be the best option for you(if you cannot wait and if you cannot extend your budget to get the 7850). It can run almost all games at 1080p at highest settings.:wink:
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