1. R

    Suggession for Router (with DDWRT /openfirmware support)

    Kindly suggest be Cheap VFM Router which supports Open-firmware like DDWRT while checking cheapest Dual Band router i could find is DIR-816 Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router 1849Rs but doesn't support ddwrt D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router Kindly suggest me a Cheapest VFM...
  2. kg11sgbg

    To convert a dual OS tablet into a single OS Android Tablet only

    My Datamini TWG10 dual OS tablet has Windows10 and Android 5.1 (lolipop) installed. I want to use the tablet's full space of 32GB as Android5.1 tablet only. How do I erase the Windows partition and others,BUT KEEPING THE ANDROID partition intact and amalgamate the free space? This is a UEFI BIOS...
  3. abhijit_reddevil

    Problem with dual sim phone

    Hi, My wife has a samsung galaxy A7 (2015 model). There is both vodafone and airtel sim cards on the phone. The problem started when we upgraded the airtel sim card to a 4G sim. The vodafone sim is still 3G. The vodafone tower switches off intermittently and becomes not reachable. It only...
  4. A

    Dual sim 4G phone ~25k

    1. Budget? ~25k 2. Display type and size? preferably ~5", 1080p resolution or higher. 3. Dual sim? Yes, dual sim is must. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, Moto, XiaoMi 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Best camera for the price. 6. Preferred operating...
  5. aal-ok

    Does deus ex invisible war even work with windows 10?

    I played deus ex 1 and loved it, so i wanted to try out the sequel, but after installing it, it refuses to run, whenever i double click on the exe, a process starts on the task manager and closes shortly. my system's specs: 3 GB ram intel gma 4500 ~1500mb pentium dual core t3200 2.0ghz and...
  6. tkin

    Suggest a Budget Android Mobile on Steroids.

    Heya guys, long time no see. My trusted LG G2 has finally given up, these days it heats up a lot and then just hangs till I restart it and I can't deal with the thermal runaway. So, its time to replace the phone. 1. Budget?: Ideally 15k, 20k max but I'd rather try not to hit the upper...
  7. Jim Kirk

    Upgrade from Current Dual Core PC to i7 - Please Guide

    Hello all, As the title of the thread suggest, I am looking to upgrade my current dual core pc to a latest i7 one. Currently I am having this 5 year old pc with the following specs: CPU : Intel Pentium (R) Dual CPU E2160 @ 1.80 Ghz Ram : 2.50 GB DDR2 HDD : 1 TB + 80 GB OS ...
  8. sudhir_3193

    cdma phones

    Hey guys, kindly suggest good cdma phone for 2000rs. It should be cdma gsm (dual sim), preferably from Nokia or any reputed brand. Thanks.
  9. bad_till_bones

    Confused - Dual Sim phone with good battery life

    1. Budget? 15000 2. Display type and size? does not matter 3. Dual sim? yes - Active dual sim 4. Preferred choice of brand? samsung / redmi 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? good camera 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc)...
  10. N

    RAM upgrade question

    My Mobo is Gigabyte H81M-S1 and RAM Kingston Hyperx Blu 4gb 1600Mhz. I want to upgrade to 8gb memory in dual channel. Kingston Hyperx Fury 4gb is cheaper than Hyperx Blu 4gb. I was thinking of buying 2x Fury and selling the Blu later. But my mobo supports only 1600mhz freq max. What will be...
  11. mohityadavx

    Dual SIM Android Within 25k

    1. Budget? 25000 2. Display type and size? Anything that is 4" or beyond is sufficient 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? Would not buy HTC, had terrible experience in the past 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Good primary camera, not big on front...
  12. V

    RAM compatibility with motherboard

    Hi. I have ASRock Z170 X-1 motherboard ASRock > Z170A-X, I want to buy G.Skill Ripjaws V 2400 8 GB ram (Single Slot) F4-2400C15S-8GVR, I want to know... 1) Is the mentioned ram is compatible with my motherboard ? 2) If in future I buy 3 more same RAM sticks then will I able to run all of...
  13. P

    need help for buying new RAM.

    can anyone suggest 1600mhz ddr3l dual channel 4 GB ram under rs 2000.
  14. comrade

    Want to buy a massive dual sim fingerprint mobile around 25K

    1. Budget? 25K 2. Display type and size? > 5.5" or 6" or higher 3. Dual sim? dual 4. Preferred choice of brand? no preference 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? no preference 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc). Android 7. Preferred...
  15. anarchy0x

    To buy Sony Xperia C4 from ebay.in or not?

    Buying it for my mom, I'm getting for 14,999.00 from ebay.in Without BOX Imported Sony Xperia C4 Dual SIM 16GB 2GB 5 5" 13MP 5MP Blackcolor | eBay Same price in India is about rs 21K. Seller has a positive feedback of 96.5% (though some strong negative reviews are there) Now, I have a cousin...
  16. AndroidFan

    Please help me find a mid-end Dual Sim Dual Active phone up to 25k

    I need a dual sim phone, and there are a ton of them in the market. But what I specifically need is a phone where both sims are active at the same time. The old Desire 626 is dead. It was junk anyways. Need a powerful phone with dual sim dual active features. Please assist.
  17. A

    Dual Sim phone for 25k +-5k

    1. Budget? 25-30k 2. Display type and size? AMOLED if possible, 1080p or greater. Display size is not much of a criteria. 3. Dual sim? Dual sim is a must, reason for getting a new phone. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony>Asus>HTC (order of preference). If better option by other brands, not...
  18. cyber_freak

    Need to buy a 4G LTE Dual sim smart phone within budget

    Hi, I'm planning to buy a dual sim 4G enabled smart phone hopefully that doesnt ask for micro/nano sim.Just plain good ol regular sim but dual sim phone that should be 4G ready for future use.So please help me out here guys. Requirements: 4G ready phones with dual sim capability (4g...
  19. Vyom

    Moto G 3rd Generation Discussion

    If there is another thread I will merge this thread into it. So, Motorola is back with 3rd gen of Moto G and Moto X, though this thread is only for Moto G 3rd gen. The specs: Network Technology GSM / HSPA / LTE Launch Announced 2015, July Status Available. Released 2015, July Body...
  20. anarchy0x

    Need advice on buying a mobile worth 15-20K

    1. Budget? About 15K-20K 2. Display type and size? Any regular size will do 3. Dual sim? Yes, this is very crucial. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Doesn't matter much 6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone...
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