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What's the best thing to get from UAE?

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I have a friend coming over from UAE. I heard that electronics goods are quite inexpensive there. So what would be the best thing to buy there? I already have a digital Camera. Any suggestions! Price should be less than Rs 5k.


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5k worth of petrol and then sell it here :)
and buy something costly here....

ok, seriously u can get a cell phone or a sony psp ...

off topic: iv heard girls r very beautiful there:)


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5k or Dhs 450 is a less amount to buy something worthwhile, IMO. PSP costs over Dhs 600.

Get WD Passport HDD. I got my 160 GB for Dhs 300 something (forgot now). With Dhs 450, you can buy the 250 GB WD Passport HDD. With the remaining money, get Energizer Rechargeable Batteries. The stuff is almost 20-30% cheaper than what we find here.

Ask your friend to buy from Al Ain Plaza, Bur Dubai. Take the escalator and enter the first shop in front of you.

Btw, chicks are hot. Arabs yaar! IMO as beautiful as Indians.


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Bring 2 sets of KING"S latest issue ie Jan 2008. King is a 8 CD pack latest software in all categories. Cost Rs. 500/- (approx). One set VPP to me.


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dude seriously consider bringing in some barrels of gasoline or something:).

On a serious not:get any electronic item which you think is very highly priced in India compared to other markets.Consider buing some graphic card or a laptop or maybe electronis razor:).whatever.


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din is doing a good job. Making my work easier. :D

Petrol: Rs 18 / liter
Diesel: Rs 22 / liter
LPG: Rs 500 per cylinder (you can buy from grocery stores as well!)

They sell per gallon and not liter. A full tank for a Toyota Corolla would cost you ~Dhs 53 (~Rs 575). I'm not sure abt the rates now...


Grudge you have given me disappointing news man. I was planning to get some PMP. I thought I would get an MP4 player or maybe some music player similiar to iPod like say Creative Zen or anything else. Looks like I have to drop the plan now. My friend is from Jeddah actually not Dubai! Seriously I was thinking about buying a Music player but looks like I have to wait for some more time collect more money and get an iPod. Hey Grudge what about the Energizer rechargeable batteries man? I have a digital camera do you think I should get Uniross Rechargeable batteries with charger?

Grudge please let me know if I can get an MP4 Player from there for my budget and what do you have to say about MP4 player? Are they good?
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MP3 Player is very much possible. You can buy iPod Shuffle. I'm not sure of prices, the 1 GB Creative USB player costs Dhs 150. You can buy some Philips or Creative 4 GB ones with your budget.

I've no idea about Uniross Rechargeable batteries but ask him the prices, if it's atleast 15% cheaper than here, go for it.

Personally I would like to buy Sennheiser/Shure Headphones or a WD HDD.

By the way, Jeddah is in Saudi Arabia where gasoline is even cheaper.


Where exactly do you live in UAE? Are you currently in India or UAE? Do you think I can get any Creative Zen 4 GB player for less than 4k. I checked in Creative Website it says $ 79.99 and in Walmart it says $112 and here in India it costs around Rs 8000. I'm not sure for how much price will I get it in UAE. My friend has asked me the details about the model that I want. I guess I need to enquire more about the store in Jeddah where I can get a Creative Zen.


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pair of superman chaaddis .. red 1`s .....

aaah ... just kidding ......

laptops, mobiles, ipod damn cheap ......


A WD passport as drgrudge suggested. Its much cheaper there, just check if the warranty is international though. I am not sure.
better go for a WD Internal Laptop HDD, if its much cheaper than in india. Then buy a Case.
And I think you can also go for ATi Graphic Cards. Sell 'em here for a bit more, then buy something good.
You may also concider a good PDA/Mobile, as they are MUCH cheaper than in India, AND play songs.


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I think Gulf prices are not much different with India anymore :-| you can buy a malayalee from anywhere gulf as it comes free with you :D
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