1. TechnoBOY

    Best pace you ever live .

    which is the best place you lived in?? best place for me was UAE
  2. R

    Dish Online For Android?

    Hey guyz I want Dish online APK to install on my phone. I live in the UAE hence it is not possible to install from Google play store as it not available for UAE region. Any links please ? I have market enabler app with rooted phone. So Can I fake Indian IP ? - - - Updated - - - can somebody...
  3. R

    Will AIRTEL DTH work in DUBAI ???

    Hey guyz need ur expertise in here, Although its illegal and risky, i'll be carrying either a DISH DTH STB or AIRTEL DTH STB with me. I have removed the PCB's from the STB and will re-assemble in UAE. My question is whether AIRTEL DTH works in UAE ? anybody has an experience ? I already...
  4. R

    Digit pdf e-magazine ?

    Hey guys , Those whose read this forum but are reluctant to buy this magazine just because you have to pay 150Rs every month, Think again Think DIGIT. I'm from INDIA, Now living in UAE. When I was a college student I liked Digit a lot but didnt want to waste money on it , Not that I couldnt...
  5. anish_sha

    Cheapest Voip to UAE ,Aus

    Can anyone let me know which is the cheapest VOIP available to call UAE and Aus?( both landline and mobile ) with good quality, alos i dont have a credit card , i do have an ICICI internet banking for the payment.... pls help me out.....
  6. S

    PMP for 7-8K INR

    I need a good PMP preferably hard drive or touchscreen (with video...duh).. budget 7-8K INR or should i get it from a friend of mine from uae??? plzz suggest... currently looking at cowon D2 or iaudio7 or ipod nano 3rd gen 8GB..
  7. anish_sha

    Free SmS to AUS,UK and UAE

    can any1 tell me a website or software from which i can send free sms to mobiles in AUS, Uk, and uae...
  8. ajayritik

    What's the best thing to get from UAE?

    I have a friend coming over from UAE. I heard that electronics goods are quite inexpensive there. So what would be the best thing to buy there? I already have a digital Camera. Any suggestions! Price should be less than Rs 5k.
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