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What to do after BCA, MCA or MSc?

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hey fnds please throw some light on this matter. Is MCA after BCA good or just a waste of time??? What abt Msc in CS


hey fnds please throw some light on this matter. Is MCA after BCA good or just a waste of time??? What abt Msc in CS

really - its not good now ! truly now companies are going insane , i think most company is giving more salary than MCA to BCA people ,

do some certification course then join in a company


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Well if you like developing applications in VB and Java then I will suggest you to learn it very seriously and join a institute.


From a job or "industry" perspective, MCA is better........if you have computer/software skills and would like to learn things in a more technical manner, M.Sc is better.....If you know you have some skills that distinguish you from an ordinary guy with a computer/IT degree, it would probably be better to go for M.Sc, because in IT industry, skills will decide all your increments/salary increases rather than your degree (which only decides your initial salary). Plus, if you are getting M.Sc from Symbiosis, get it by all means as it is a good institute, a good education looks good on your resume!

In my experience I have seen M.Sc people code/do software things quite a bit better than ~50% of BEs.......so you can really save a year there if you wish. However, an M.Sc degree probably isn't a good fit for a manager type job, so you probably shouldn't expect to get a team leader/manager job anytime soon (with BE and MCA it is actually possible since they teach industrial economics and management in those courses).

Trust me on this one, I had a break in IT once without any degree at all.......your degree only grants you an entry and an initial salary, the rest is all *pure raw skill*. :)

BTW, M.Sc CS/IT, BE, MCA/BCA all share ~80% of papers. Having looked through the syllabi of all three from various universities, I came to the conclusion that M.Sc is *slightly* better than BE in terms of knowledge gained at the end of the course. MCA is behind both to be honest, but as long as it works for the industry.......


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Stuck in the same situation
Msc computer science from a central university or MCA from a reputed state university


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Both MCA and Msc. in CS provide good career opportunities and both are equally good. The difference between the two is MCA focuses more on application development such as web development, ERP softwares etc and provides knowledge in the various areas of computer applications including the latest developments keeping pace with the industry.. It’s a more practical course. Whereas MSc. focuses on improving your knowledge in computer field. The course is for those people who want gain in depth knowledge in computer field. This degree mainly focuses on the development of skills in software development, functional knowledge of computer science, internet communications, and network and database administration and also develops our expertise in programming. I would also suggest you to visit Education India | Colleges | Universities | Cut Off | Institutes and Courses to check the career prospects provided by both the courses.


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hiii..all..me too is doing bca now..everything else is good ..but what if i want to do other than mca and Msc....what shaould i prefer... My intrest mostly is in software part,i like to do customising,app developing(but not tried any yet),web desighning,multimedia editing etc....what should i prefer...will it be possible through MSc. or mca or i need to check somthing else..!!!


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hi vaibhav

i passed out MCA in 2004-2007 and am working in a MNC in bangalore..

MCA is ofcourse a good course.. never go for Msc because BE/MCA comes in the same league not Msc

and for job
1:try to get a admission a college that has good placement record
2:and be good in aptitide and good knowledge in C

these are the prime expectation from a fresher , companies are not expecting any hifi techichal skills from u [ though some companies are there ].

im also doing my mca...bt in some dilema tht whether the IT boom will be riasing or not after my mca completion...wt courses are better after mca??
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