1. l30786

    What should a BCA student be focusing his time/effort on?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA, 4th semester student in IGNOU (distance education). my current percentage is 50% and I am not expecting above that after I graduate. I am also planning on doing MCA from regular course if I can get into a good college. Since I am doing my current degree from...
  2. l30786

    How much creativity is needed for professional programmers?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA - 4th semester student from IGNOU. I am pretty lost in terms of career decision right now. I am pretty average (if not below average) student. I was a pretty studious student back in 12 (85% in XII). But because of some unfortunate situations, I had to drop out of...
  3. V

    what to do next

    i completed bca and also having a ceh degree , is "ceh" and "msc in computer forensics" is same . i want to do "msc. cs" instead of "mca" is this is a good choice. if msc. cs is best please help me finding best colleges in india,
  4. M

    Job bas on PGDCA

    hello friend im ignou MCA 3rd year student i completed my PGDCA (2 sem of mca) Just now i want go for job so what job i can get bas on PGDCA? Tx
  5. M

    job in compney other then devloper or technicel

    Hello im new here hello to all im ignou mca 3rd year student i recently completed PGDCA(1year all paper of mca) but in my place there is not even on IT company in (kutch) and im also havent learn php asp web releted language its seem very hard, then quetion is what kind of job i cen get in...
  6. K

    Can i get a job after 4 years of education gap?

    Hello,I am a guy.I am 20 yrs old.. I did my 10th in 2008 with 79% and 12th in 2010 with 60%.. All problems started after this.. I joined engineering in 2010,Branch E&C. I passed 1st year somehow. 2nd yr i got total 9kts and one more yr wasted trying to clear them.I dropped out this year.. So...
  7. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] MCA Final Year Project .NET Platform | Need Ideas/Suggestions

    Ola i need help with Ideas and suggestions for submitting a project build in .NET for MCA Final Year. it's for a FRIEND :D so just need some ideas on what to build and everything. Thanks in advance. :lol:
  8. anmolksharma

    An MCA Student needs your advice, suggestions and tips!

    An MCA Student needs your advice, suggestions and tips! EDIT:Wants tips for CAT preparations as well Hi guys, I am doing MCA, second semester from IP University, Delhi. Before that I have done BCA from IP University. Now my purpose of creating this thread is to seek your advice...
  9. S

    Mtech part time after mca

    hai friends; can anybody guide me about the various college/university offering MTECH in CS/IT . I have completed MCA from SMU and want to pursue MTECH part time since I am employed. Please guide me through the admission procedure, fee etc. Thanks in advance for you help
  10. S

    Is it worth doing MCA through Distance education ?

    Hi, I got a offer job from a school for managing their examination cell, substitute computer teacher and to manage their website. It is a reputed school in my area. They are promising me an decent salary with increment. Currently, i m in sixth semester of regular bca course which will...
  11. iinfi

    Online PG programs & IGNOU MCA

    1 .Does any Indian university have good Online PG programs in IT or Management? 2. is IGNOU's MCA program IGNOU - School of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS) - Programmes - Distance - Master of Computer Applications (MCA) targetted for working professsionals? ..i m in Bangalore and...
  12. S

    Is it wise to do Mtech after MCA

    I am currently pursuing BCA(2nd year) As i am very concerned about my future,i want to know is it good to spend two more years in Mtech after MCA? What are the benefits of pursuing it? Are there any dis-advantages of pursuing Mtech after MCA?If yes,please mention.
  13. R

    Suggest some Good MCA colleges 2012....

    Guys please suggest some good MCA colleges and exams for this year.....also i'm not good in maths should i opt for MCA? Pls give your valuable suggestions.....
  14. S

    career guidance

    i m from bangalore.. ve done BCA.. . planning to join MCA next year.. i want to know .. the eligibilities to be placed in campus ,,,... please help me
  15. R

    what extra I need with MCA?

    Well, I am in 3rd sem of MCA (from distance)and I want to know that which language course I should opt for?
  16. S

    Bank PO exam eligibility for me

    Hi, I am 29 years old. I have completed my 10th standard (92%), My PUC /+2 (75%), Then did a 3 year Diploma In Computer engineering(78%). Then i worked for an year in Private Sector and did my MCA through Sikkim Manipal University through correspondence (75%). (They admitted me for MCA...
  17. S


    Hi Am currently doing my mca 2nd year,i want to do a course related to my studies & i prefer to do CCNA etc... if any other course is possible pls suggest me which will be useful in future too.
  18. Anand_Tux

    MCA from Distance Education

    Hi friends, I am planing to do MCA from Distance Education as I am a working guy in Delhi. I have heard about Amity School Of Distance Learning which provides MCA through Distance education system. Can anyone have any knowledge that if it would be good to do MCA from there or from others such as...
  19. V

    Career Advice

    I have given my class 12 Board exams and am awaiting my result. Am planning to pursue a career in Networking or in the Cyber-security field. Will doing a Bsc in CS or IT, then doing MCA alongwith a certification in networking from a reputed institute suffice? Please advice.
  20. U

    Best MCA Colleges

    Hi, i am currently persuading a 3year BCA course and i am quite sure that i would do MCA hereafter. I am currently in Kolkata, and I know the best colleges here, but i want to know the best colleges in Pune and nearbying areas such as Mumbai. So please suggest best colleges there (preferably...
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