What is the best thing to do in a slowdown

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Day before yesterday a close friend got the pink slip at Citi. These days it is not uncommon. So what is the best thing that those aspiring for or already in a tech career do in a slowdown?

Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. Acquire skills
When there are more candidates for the same job, a situation which older people like me were quite used to before the bull run took over, those with more skills, versatility and flexibility have an edge. Same goes when companies think of downsizing. People who can do multiple things are more valuable. Use this time to acquire more skills - through training, courses, self study, projects, free lancing whatever - get skills, collect experience, join courses - increase your value.

2. Think entrepreneurship

Life is not just about a job. Being an entrepreneur is also an exciting and very rewarding option. And it does not always require large sums of money or backing to start something. Freelancing is one such example. But at times like these, when most companies are very open to outsourcing and variablizing their costs, opportunities for starting something of your own are plentiful. Even if not very successful, this would give a wonderful experience which future employers will value immensely.

Would love to hear what others have to say. These are turbulent times and any ideas which will help friends and colleagues will be very welcome.


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1. Give ideas to cut costs to your team and manager. You never know, some ideas could really be very useful.

2. Work harder !



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. Give ideas to cut costs to your team and manager. You never know, some ideas could really be very useful.
be careful, or else such idea may backfire..lol

Beside for students,in simple word...its not gonna be easy.Better go for Masters.
For us(student community) its easier to duck then face the storm.
conditions apply..:)


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Well.. I feel the best thing to do at such time is to pursue degree of the same profession, which would be helpful to enhance our professional skills, wait for the economy to stable & a professional degree would always be an advantageous in our career growth.


Always confused
See man last week we went to Accenture Banglore for an industrial visit and what all i found is that what ever extra tricks you do pays there a lot.........java skills, technological awareness. So if you yourself are right then you may definitely be choosen


Right off the assembly line
Thts true vamsi....
I think this is the best time to focus to enhance our skills in our desired field by taking certifications or learn latest technologies which might be helpful further.
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