1. theserpent

    Help me out in choosing a proper course and where I should do it?

    Firstly I have just finished Bcom, MY Aggregate will most likely end up being between 58-60% which is really less I know. Looking for courses such as MBA Or masters in accounting/finance. I will work for a year or two and also do my CMA US still then. Since CMA US has no jobs in India, I...
  2. A

    Validity of Online Education Courses

    We are currently seeing a surge of online courses being taught through various websites. Many of us might even have enrolled in some of the online courses and are learning through it. Almost all the online courses give their Certification of successful completion of candidates course. But the...
  3. Cyberghost

    Project Cars 2

    Developer: Slightly Mad Studios Platforms: Windows PC, Steam OS, Xbox One, PS4 Crowd Funding Link: Project Cars 2 Project Cars 2 has been announced and it already has a crowdfunding campaign set up on its WMD Portal platform. Developer Slightly Mad Studios noted that it will still...
  4. bestpain

    summer course guide

    i have just given my 4th sem exam and having 2 months semester break , i am planning to do two courses ...plz advice which courses should i do.... available courses are ,.NET,PHP,SQL,VB,ORACAL,JAVA,web designing till now i have studied c,c++,database management in college which course...
  5. iinfi

    Online PG (MCA) from mysore university

    Hello, I am planning to pursue Online MCA from University of Mysore. They seem to have started this online PG courses from last september. Below are the links. University of Mysore Mysore University launches online distance education programs in partnership with U18 | Business Standard...
  6. T

    Further Long distance Courses

    I have completed My Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and working since 1 year. Want to do some usefull courses which will be helpfull for my carrier I have experience as a Business Development Executive and now as a public relation Officer. Please let me know if there are...
  7. A

    Switching to Networking/Programming : Advice Needed

    Hello All, I find myself in a conundrum for which I seek help from fellow TDFer's.I am a 2010 BTech passout, After passing out, I got a campus placement in Accenture Ltd.I worked there as an SAP Basis Consultant for about 2.3 years. I wanted to get an MBA in order to enhance my career...
  8. E

    How to be a pentester?

    I am doing my 12th.I am intrested in ethical hacking and penetration testing, so I want to make my career out of it.I am not intrested in programmig so don't want to study it.Thinking of doing CEH but confused about graduation.I have two ways in my mind 1>After 12th do a graduation program like...
  9. Inceptionist

    Diploma In Information Security Management

    I came across this course in security management which is being conducted by IDEMI which comes under MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) I wanted to do a course in network security but I was hesitating as there are many shady courses without any proper recognition. But as this...
  10. RBX

    IITs, Google & Nasscom launch 'Job Ready' online courses

    IITs, Google & Nasscom launch 'Job Ready' online courses IITs, Google & Nasscom launch "Job Ready" online courses - Internet | ThinkDigit News Is it a good idea to enroll for this course? A certification would be nice, but it also seems that assignments have to be submitted at the end of...
  11. G

    Help me take a decision.

    Guys i'm currently studying in class 11 cbse(yes India). I scored a 10/10 in my tenth. I just love computers and mobiles, i'm doing really good in my computer ( i've taken physics,chemistry,math and computer as my subjects english compulsory) science subject i at least score 90%. I'm currently...
  12. Chetan1991


    Not complete courses, but notes; summaries of the courses. The kind that would help the last week warriors to pass exams. We can create a compilation here. I need notes for: Software management Digital Signal Processing Numerical Analysis
  13. A

    What courses to do with BSc.IT?

    Right now I am in F.Y.BSc.IT. What other courses can I do along with BScIT?Heard of Gniit..but some say its not that good.Also need some info on game/software developing courses.
  14. TheLetterD

    Oracle JAVA Course vs C#+ASP+SQL Course @NIIT

    Hello Im planning to study Computer Science abroad for which Ive dropped a year(A Gap Year) to research Colleges, Give my SAT exams, my IELTS, and cover up on my Extra Circular that I missed on in the last 2 years of PCM Science (Non Medical) :) I went to NIIT yesterday to find out about their...
  15. S

    Which universities in India offer courses in Renewable Energies?

    Hello, I am new. I am looking for universities in India that offer the following courses: Renewable Energies Process Engineering Energy Technology ..and similar. Or can you forward me? Thanks for the help!
  16. S

    Recommend some good Courses related to SEO and PPC

    Alright! I have been wanting to do some good course related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC(Pay Per Click) or maybe combination of both, a course I can actually learn from. please,recommend some good courses and some good institutes in mumbai. Thank You :)
  17. lovedonator

    Career in Gaming

    Hey,so it's time for me to apply for colleges and I'm really interested in making a career in gaming. The problem is that all my google research hasn't given me any definitive clue as for which institute to join and what courses to take. I'm totally useless in designing stuff like...
  18. G

    Useful online educational Resources/OCW/Courses

    1.Khan Academy KhanAcademy 2.NPTEL NPTEL NPTEL youtube channel 3.Coursera Coursera 4.Udacity Udacity 5.Edx Edx 6.MIT Opencourseware MIT OCW MIT Youtube channel 7.Open Yale Courses Open Yale Course 8.Youtube...
  19. D


  20. sanny16

    Best courses or institute which yields job?

    I heard there are institutes which conducts courses based on industry lines which also leads to job. Which are the best institutes which offer courses with placement? Like CDAC for an computer science BE graduate in mumbai.
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