1. ajayritik

    Need help on SQL Server

    Hi Guys for long time I intend to improve my SQL Skills, in particular SQL Server. Can anyone guide me here as to what is the best way to improve our skills.
  2. isenberg

    What skills are required from a CSE student ?

    Hi, I am a fresher at (CSE). Due to two years of drop I have lost motivation and interest in everything. Now what they are teaching in 1st sem seems boring, dull and irrelevant. I know I can't drop out again, because I have lost two years already. This is the last shot at getting a...
  3. srkmish

    Which is better - fifa 14 or pes 2014 for PSP

    Hi Friends, I am having an itch to dive back into fifa gameplay. Last i played fifa 09 and pes 08 i think and enjoyed it. Which would be the better of the 2 in terms of gameplay , skills improvement. Basically i want something which i can enjoy from the word go and also must have plenty of...
  4. karthik99387

    Network testing

    Hi I have few years of experience in manual testing...What is the scope for network testing in india? and what other skills do i need along with manual testing skills?
  5. K

    fifa 12 pc shooting problem!!!

    hey guys..i am playing fifa 12 on my pc..with a keyboard... i m facing a problem dat wem i shoot using the arrow keys the ball goes too wide off the goal.. n also i am not able to do skills.. plzz hellp
  6. A

    please correct the grammar in this sentence

    i'm planning to use this as my resume objective... but i have a feeling that it has some grammatical error.. can u correct this or make this sentence better for me.. By the way, im applying for the post of Quality Assurance engineer .. here is my objective < To work for a leading Organization...
  7. D

    Conquer Online's New Reveal Explosive Pirate Skill Video!

    Conquer Online’s fast-approaching new expansion, the Invasion of Pirates, set to be launched on Jan 11th, 2012, will get the players some cool new abilities. Take a few minutes to have a look at the latest skill video. >Conquer Online New Expansion PvP Video Shows Off Explosive Skills -...
  8. tkin

    TCS or Accenture?

    Hey guys, recently I got selected in both TCS and Accenture campus recruitment drives, now they are giving identical salary(3.16 lakh PA for TCS and 3.0 for Accenture), but Accenture will be giving 23k per month as fixed salary while TCS will give 19k per month as fixed salary and rest 5k is...
  9. Baker

    Is technology really affecting our Human Skills

    first of all am not here for any debate..... am just putting my 2 real time experince... 1:last week i went to our village office in my native , it is for getting some approval for house construction , for that i need to write a request on paper.. after leaving my college it was the first...
  10. Chetan1991

    Where to go for 6 week industrial training??

    I'm doing B.Tech., Computer Science & Engg. Fourth semester is about to end and We are supposed to do a 6 week Industrial training in following holidays. So what kind of companies I can apply in??? My Skills: C. I know most of the stuff that you encounter in introductory books like Let Us C...
  11. Pragadheesh

    software to learn type writing skills

    hi, which is the best software to enhance our type writing or fingering skills.?! actually its not for me.. my uncle needs such a software..
  12. V

    Anybody joined BPO ?

    Hey Friends! My name is Vivek and i am pursuing my BCA 4th sem through Distance Learning. I am planning to join BPO in delhi. Can anybody guide me. I am confident about my communication skills. I am looking for any process Voice/Technical etc. Why BPO don't hire B.Tech/ BE ?
  13. F

    What is Group Discussion?

    Group Discussion is a very important round in any selection process, be it for an MBA course, campus recruitment or for any graduate/post graduate degree. The selection committee conducts GD to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits and/or skills that it desires in its...
  14. R

    How to sharpen my location and messaging API skills?

    How to sharpen my location and messaging API skills?
  15. A

    What is the best thing to do in a slowdown

    Day before yesterday a close friend got the pink slip at Citi. These days it is not uncommon. So what is the best thing that those aspiring for or already in a tech career do in a slowdown? Here are a couple of suggestions: 1. Acquire skills When there are more candidates for the same job, a...
  16. K

    Nostale India - Free MMORPG launched

    Hi Guys, If you are bored with ragna and A3 as the only indian mmog's then here's your breather. Nostale India is finally in closed beta and open for public. The game is completely free to play, No subscription fee ever. Its a very cute online game with a awesome story line. I have reached...
  17. Gigacore

    Social Networking Sites vs Forums

    The title says everything. My Opinion: Social Netwoking Sites > Sucks. > There is nothing other than making friends. > Waste of time, you cant learn anything. > Wont get chance to show off ur skills. Forums (BB) > We can learn and make as well as friends. > Get our problems...
  18. amitava82

    What skills do you have(apart from computers)?

    Apart from Computer skills, what other skills do you have? Be it singing(not bathroom singing), dancing, playing instrument, sports etc.. Its embarrassing situation for me during any kinda events. Many of my friends perform in those events and they ask me what I'd perform? and I'd say I don't...
  19. adithyagenius

    How to play Oblivion? What's the objective?

    I played many good RPGs like diablo2 lod, deus ex, neverwinter knights, Gothic 1&2. In all these games, I do everything in one areas before triggering advancement to next area. Stats and skills are upgraded to uber levels early by doing side and main missions in a specific order and training...
  20. Y

    online tests

    hi i want to get certificates through online web sites like plz tell me some other free sites to improve my skills.
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