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Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing

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Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing

Sat, Aug 23, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Vodafone India responds to complaints by lowering iPhone 3G pricing

Perhaps spurred on by the widespread backlash due to the iPhone 3G pricing, Vodafone India has announced some new lower pricing. Just days before the official release they announced the pricing would be 31,000 Indian rupee (about $711 US) for the 8GB iPhone and be 36,100 Indian rupee (about $827 US) for the 16GB iPhone, and judging from the fact the launch day festivities were described as offering a “small but enthusiastic crowd” it seems something had to happen.

Of course the price drops are nice, but not overwhelming. The new price for the iPhone 3G is 29,000 Indian rupee (about $670 US) and 34,000 Indian rupee (about $785 US) for the 8GB and 16GB model respectively.

As of current the other local carrier, Bharti Airtel has not yet announced any price cut. I was also not able to find any information about what will happen to those loyal few who were willing to pay full price. If you remember the backlash Apple saw over the price cut with the original iPhone after three-months, I can just imagine how users must feel with a price cut coming just two days after the release.


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just wait 4 a few more weeks and see how the price comes crashing down.they wont sell many even at 29k.


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Yeah.. if they wanna sell the iPhone then it should be under 20k.. and waise bhi.. iPhone is intended towards business users as all of the services in it require a reasonably fast internet connection.. more like 3G service... and the typical GPRS unlimited package costs between 300-400 Rs in India.. i think that the price of the 3G service will be more than 700-800 Rs with capped downloads.. so forget using iPhone services without paying a heavy premium to the providers..


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Come on guys... Even my rich friends will hesitate to buy one...
They still use a phone at 20-25 k instead of 29k phone...

And is it worth the price...g would say NO!


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So it currently costs $670 which makes it $30 more than the US version ($600+$40 tax). I don't see it coming down unless they force some sort of contract on the user, which is not allowed by TRAI. Still, nice to see it down at 29k.
Thats what the masses are waiting for
Pretty soon, it will be all too common. :D
One query though:
The call rates are pretty high in the US (from what I can fathom)
whereas it is dirt cheap here.
Can that be a reason for such a difference in prices between US and India? (Taxes accounted for as well)
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