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Fat sleepy boy
Hi friends..
I want to make an output to my tv from my computer.
I have VGA port and DVI.
So how can I connect my pc to be displayed in my tv. Is there any VGA/DVI to TV(video input) out.
Thanks in advance.


BIOS Terminator
MAny TVs nowadays support "VGA in" to act as video out.
i use it frequently with my laptop to view movies.
also if ur TV has HDMI input and computer supports HDMI out, u can make use of it to output to TV


I'm using 32 inch Samsung HDTV and my computer has XFX 5850. I'm currently connecting the 2 using VGA, for primarily gaming at HD maxed out settings. Will HDMI cable provide better image quality or is it too subtle to get noticed, if at all?
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