1. M

    SD Card Data Recovery

    Hi Guys my Lexar SD card got corrupted yesterday. It shows 10gb used in My Computer . But when i open the folders theres only 3gb data displayed. Please help me recover the pics which are very very very important. Regards, Mandar
  2. B

    Not able to login to a specific website

    Hi Guys, I have an old PC with Windows XP at home. I use this PC only to access the internet and to listen to music. Everything was working well but since the past two days I am not able to login to my account at cashkaro.com. Till yesterday when I tried to login via Firefox and fill in the...
  3. ariftwister

    Website of AIADMK and Jaya TV hacked

    Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/website-of-aiadmk-and-jaya-tv-hacked/article1-1146541.aspx The official website of AIADMK,the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, was hacked on Saturday. A visit to the website http://www.aiadmkallindia.org displayed sentences like 'HACKED BY H4$N4!N...
  4. ramakanta

    System Memory Decreased

    when start my computer , it show , The Firmware has detect that the system memory has decreased . Press the enter Key to continue . my question is why this type of message displayed .
  5. ramakanta

    Windows 7 Gadgets Problem

    i can't run my desktop gadgets win my win7 OS . when i want to add desktop Gadgets , there is odd type of displayed. ::screenshoot attached:: please help me . thank you please anyone help me..
  6. A

    issue while connecting LCD to Computer via HDMI .. problem !!

    I am trying to connect my Videocon LCD TV 19" via HDMI to my computer (Mobo : gigabite H61M D2H via HDMI). On the LCD screen, i jus get blank screen displayed with 4095 X 768 X 60Hz displayed oin the corner of the screen. I am clueless ??? wht should i do??? But when i connect the same to...
  7. A

    Username or Password incorrect Windows 7

    I had only one user with admin rights. recently i created another user with restricted rights. Within 2 or 3 days of that the error message started appearing with a red cross "Username or Password incorrect". This message appears as soon as the windows loads, no log in screen displayed, when...
  8. Who

    Happy Birthday to Vineet369 and others

    Well today is almost over but i thought i should create this thread before it actually gets over , Happy birthday you guys and especially you Vineet since your name doesn't get displayed in today's birthday list :P , i hope you enjoyed your day and your life so far...
  9. S

    Not displaying Request Code page

    I was installing Corel Draw X5 trial version. After installation it was to display the license page displaying the license requirement but it simply displayed a blank page with few radio buttons. I thought that the software was corrupt. Yesterday I was installing Autocad 2009 trial version and I...
  10. H

    website validation error.

    i have few html files which i uploaded on a webhosting site.but whenever i give the link to my friend's through chat it says that "it is a spam".so what should i do to prevent it from saying so?and when i try to validate it using w3 validator it displays two errors and even displays what the...
  11. nilanko

    Dark spot on LED screen - WTF?!

    My dad's ThinkPad L412 has got a small dark spot on its screen. It's not completely black, it's a grey irregular shaped (almost circular) spot. I thought it was a dirt particle so I tried cleaning but that didn't help. The spot's diameter is hardly half millimeter and is hardly noticeable except...
  12. iitmanojit

    VGA/DVI to tv

    Hi friends.. I want to make an output to my tv from my computer. I have VGA port and DVI. So how can I connect my pc to be displayed in my tv. Is there any VGA/DVI to TV(video input) out. Thanks in advance.
  13. ancientrites

    Attention to all Bangaloreans and Mangaloreans

    To mangalorean and bangalorean digitians It has come to my notice that some of you didn't like my comments on your pc suppliers.But in fact it was you guys who said you weren't happy with your respected dealers after sales services..etc and everyone must be cautioned.So in favor i had...
  14. Techn0crat

    Media Player Classic/igfxprd32 problem

    hi whenever I play video file in media player classic,pc hangs and display goes into 4 bit-640*480 resolution.Playing in VLC works fine.I reinstalled my video drivers and installed new version of K-Lite MPC.but nothing works.any solution? here is the message which is displayed "The igxprd32...
  15. Cool Buddy

    Calculator in Flash (action Script 2.0)

    I am making a calculator in flash. I am able to design the basic interface & all the basic functions. But now i figured out that if I have say "2.1" displayed and I press the "." button, it becomes "2.1.". how to prevent this, Can anyone help? Now, i figured out there are multiple ways in...
  16. H

    Is the harddisk physically failing????

    On my friend's laptop, whenever he is starting Windows 7, everytime an error message is displayed which says that "Errors detected on Hard Disk. It may fail. Please take a backup of programs and documents. Errors reported from partitions C,D,E,F" But the performance has not degraded too much...
  17. A

    Help me solve this strange problem

    My friend owns a HP Pavilion a1509in Desktop PC(View specifications) which he bought 2.5 years ago. Last week, his powersupply got fried and so he bought a new Colorsit 450W SMPS for Rs.500. His computer ran fine using the new power supply for one day. The next day, while doing a...
  18. R


    since i installed the windows vista sp2 rc update from the april issue dvd i am seeing a message in the right bottom corner of my screen i.e. WINDOWS VISTA (TM) EVALUATION COPY. BUILD6002. I WANT TO KNOW WHY ITS BEEN DISPLAYED AS I AM RUNNING GENUIN VISTA HOME PREMIUM WHICH CAME PREINSTALLED...
  19. S

    Windows Mobile gone bad!

    I installed Office 2007 recently. And after synchronising my imate Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 2003) the next time - I've noticed the calender has been completely messed up! :( Appointments that cross over to the next day are not displayed with their timings anymore. Eg. 'Man Utd v Everton' is...
  20. dix

    Pen drive malfunction

    I purchased a Moser Baer 4 Gb Pendrive three months ago. But it displayed an error message yesterday when I plugged it into my friends PC. When I tried to open it it displayed an error message saying something like : Please insert a disk into drive H: Is it damaged or is it some kind of virus??
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