1. quicky008

    What AC input voltage range can be considered safe for a pc?

    In India the voltage of the mains power usually ranges from 200-240V(under normal circumstances) and most computers today(especially devices like PSU,monitors etc) are rated to work well when the input voltage is within 200-230 Volts.In cities the mains voltage is generally found to be within...
  2. Skud

    Need 2.0/2.1 speakers within 20-25k

    As per title. Primary usage will be Music, preferred genres classic rock & metal. Speakers with multiple input sources are welcome, if available. So far, shortlisted Swans M200MKII. Is it good?
  3. vedula.k95

    Need help with Steelseries Siberia Raw Wired Headset?

    Hello forum, recently bought a Siberia raw headphone,and now i have a problem. Headphone has a single input for both mic and audio and my pc seems to have two separate for audio and mic :| and my new laptop which also has one input for both mic and audio seems to be not detecting the siberia...
  4. W

    Need to buy speakers with Digital input (s/pdif) support

    Hi, I am really a n00b when it comes to speakers and audio gear in general. I have an Xbox One and my old desktop. Currently I use the standard Xbox One headset for the Xbox and a Microsoft chat headset for my PC. While, this is good for gaming I find it increasingly frustrating to watch...
  5. mitraark

    Cheap HD TV Tuner Card

    I have GTPL HD STB connection which has an HDMI and Composite output I have a Beetel USB TV Stick and it has Composite input, it works fine, but quality is not that good. Need a TV Tuner card with HDMI input. Googled, got results of Avermedia HD Cature card ,Rs 11000 Beetel Stick...
  6. K

    Building a new PC. Need advice!

    Hi there, I am new to this forum and would like to say a big HI to everyone! I hope to be a regular here and help other members in the future, now that i've made my way back to PC. :) I am currently looking to get back to using a PC and would like some input on some of my choices. This is my...
  7. $hadow

    Buying Internal HDD requires input

    . As the tittle says I need a internal TB hdd since the screenshot it is visible that it is going bad anytime soon. Now the problem is that this is going to be installed on my about 7 years old pc which is used for the purpose of only downloading. So the basic problem is that I have no Idea...
  8. R

    Does my PC have RCA composite input

    I am planning to upgrade my current 2.0 JBL speaker. Which served me for around 7+years. To a cheap 5.1 setup, But while browsing flipkart I found some of the speakers says needs RCAw connection to connect speaker to system unit My motherboard : m5a97 r2.0 Speaker I checked in flipkart ...
  9. G

    Audiophile 5.1 sound card under 15K

    Hi, I am looking for a 5.1 soundcard must have 24bit 192khz DAC in all 5.1 channel, must have a digital (optical or coaxial) output. This card should decode AAC 5.1 audio (for HD movies) and can pass through DTS and dolby. I will connect to my home theatre with it by 5.1 analog input and digital...
  10. G

    want to buy HDTV and 5.1 speakers for gaming...

    TV requirements :- 46" or 47“ screen, optical audio output or hdmi out. 5.1 speakers requirements :- optical audio input or hdmi input.
  11. T

    Suggestion for new 27inch+ tv or monitor.

    Guys need a new monitor with the following features: 1. Minmum Resolution 1920x1080 2.Minimum screen size 27inch...30 or 32inch preffered 3. S-video or composite video input or component video input(must have one of these) 4. Hdmi input 5. Mhl support and usb port 6. Composite/s-video output...
  12. TheMost

    46" 3D TV [150K] - Gaming

    Hi people. I have already started a thread 6 months back about buying an 3D HDTV and concluded wise and due to unavoidable circumstances i dropped the plan. This time everything is in good sound and i am going to get the TV nomatter what ;P . Purpose: Primary TV in hall + Primary Gaming...
  13. sudhir_3193

    best digital speakers under 12000rs

    hi, friends one of my friend needs good speaker with digital input to connect with led tv. His budget is 12000rs.
  14. S

    Problem in C++

    Hi I am trying to make a c++ project but is there any way in turbo c++ to save the inputs of particular variables for multiple runs. :-):-):-)
  15. B

    HTML and Javascript for percentage calculator

    Hi , I am looking for code of a percentage calculator i browsed internet and got codes but i couldnt include the functionality i was looking for though mine was more simpler approach , i was not getting the coding can someone help me out from it. in the code the functionality i want is...
  16. B

    HD TV tuner for gaming and capturing gameplay from PS3/xbox360

    I need a HD tv tuner to play and record gameplay from PS3 and xbox 360 using HDMI cable as input and my monitor as output for the setup. I have used external SD TV tuner box and PCI based SD Tv tuner and they worked fine without any lag. only problem was low resolution output from SD tuners...
  17. M

    Input Jack blocked

    i am having gigabyte b75m d3h mobo. i inserted a jack in input jack at back of the board and that jack got broken inside the jack and now i am not able to connect other pin in it. any solutions?
  18. A

    Binary number in C

    How to take a binary number as input in C?
  19. Nerevarine

    Need debugging help ASAP

    C++ DEBUG This one last error is making me insane Here's the code The error is Case bypasses initialization of local variable in main Need help ASAP
  20. B

    2013 will witness a new avatar of computing: Intel

    News from Hindu Leading chip maker Intel on Monday said it sees “renewed vigour” in forms and designs of computing devices like tablet PCs and convertibles in 2013 as input methods like voice and touch gain traction. “Intel foresees a renewed vigour in computing in 2013 in the highly...
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