1. panacea_amc

    Petrol: how to increase ur mileage?

    helo al, petrol is pricd at 51.75 bucks/litre. i own a CBZ. i remember sum liquid stuff frm Castrol @rs 80 per bottle, which they say, ìf i add to my fuel tank / litre of petrol, will add to the mileage. have u tried?
  2. V

    Uranium Bottle

    This evening i was contacted by a friend that he got a bottle that is grren in colour and a very heavy one. Special thing about this bottle is that it can attract rice and that if filled with water (upto the halfway) the water can rise. He requested me to help him sell his bottle. As far as he...
  3. iMav

    Perfect Bottle Opener

    Guys have a look at this link ... believe me its the perfect bottle opener u wont be dis-appointed ... parental Discretion advised ... url
  4. saikibryan

    straw inside the bottle...!!!

    hello guyz... just check out what i've got while buying a bottle of mirinda :( these cola guyz sucks... can anyone recommend or suggest what step should i take??? any contacts regarding that shall be appreciated...:) regards saiki
  5. assasin


    in my present config (plz see my sig) the 6600LE is the BIG bottle i'm thinking of upgrading to a new Dx10 GPU and i intend to buy the XFX 8600GTS. now my q is whether there will be any bottle necks in my system after i install any one of those cards? or sud i play the waiting game and...
  6. enoonmai

    Doom 3 Case Mod

    Originally posted by x3nophon at the Skoar forums here. One of the best looking case mods for Doom 3 I have ever had the pleasure, nay, the frustration of seeing in my entire life (had to take a bottle of antacids after seeing this one) Its got a ton of photos so be patient while all of...
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