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Torrent downloads

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Another Brick in the Wall
rachitar said:
Raaabo said:
Am I the only one who understood what Grudge meant?

I understood it and have been following the same idea since a long time i.e. go for torrents which are fresh
But didnt wanna get into an argument
There is no point arguing when the other party starts calling people fool and refuses to understand
Yeah...I dont know abt others but I was using torrents and other stuffs for more than 2 years, ie, right from the suprnova.org times and in my Dial up :d
Ppl just start using torrents some 3-4 months and then comment as if they know everything. I already said that you need to have "expeirence" to notice that.

I am some 90% sure that, some sites have made custom made mods/hacks for the VBTT to add functionality/features than what we get. BwT's coderator (Redgoals) has done many hacks for BwT which was not the feature of VBTT. We can add mods, thats the point. Some sites has this BW restriction thing.. by the way, read my post above, I have tried to explain this.
I can't prove this unless a coderator/admin from a torrentsite post here and tell that. It's same as the health of torrent relates to it's date of creation..we can't prove it...

siriusb said:
I even would've thought that sba was drgrudge's another ID and he is doing this on purpose for a joke, but since I don't know enough about that VBTT thing, I doubted that.
What? Why would I add another ID in here? Everyone know abt me, I have only one ID and that's drgrudge. 8)


Raaabo said:
So chances are older torrents have slower seeders connected, thus probability dictates that the older a torrent, the slower the swarm speeds... It's not a RULE, but it's what you will see most often.
If we go by your "law of probability" then as time passes there will lesser leechers as well thus nullifying the effect on swarm speeds. Thus, the swarm speeds are ultimately effected by number of leechers/seeders only.
Also, what happened to the other point? Can you give any insights in tracker controlling bandwidth as well?

I don't understand what all the fighting was about,
There was none. There was an argument and not a fighting.
...and I think the warnings were valid.. If I had seen this earlier I would have banned or deleted some accounts, personally.
They were valid because...? Which of the rules did I break till drgrudge tried to start a flame war and called a fellow poster's comments stupid? AFAIK I didn't break any rules ever AFTER he called me stupid. If he can prove his comments then I will take back all my arguments and accept that the warning was valid else this just shows the attitude like "Either you agree with us or you are wrong".


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I found a real handy tool. If you have Bitcomet, download this:

As the name suggests, its a real cool utility accelerating downloads & since the day of its d/l, my speeds have hardly gone below 10kb
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