1. E|e<tr0|!0n

    How to bypass torrent restrictions

    The internet speed in our college hostel is great, but the network admin has put some restriction that doesn't allow torrenting in the network. Can anyone tell me how do I bypass these restrictions? (VPNs DON'T WORK)
  2. P

    firewall bypassing

    i have fortinet internet security system installed in my college. Due to this I can't use torrent,teamviewer and other sioftwares. HELP ME PLEASE.....!!!!
  3. B

    Failed to add torrent in a torrent client

    Hello Friends, I bought utorrent pro, I had some voucher code for Play Store. I transferred a torrent from pc to phone, but IDK how to open it. So, I tried adding some torrent from a popular torrent website. I clicked on the download button and utorrent app opened but I displayed a message...
  4. Akira

    KAT is back!!

    Christmas came early. Hallelujah!! Why do we fall, Master Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. While the owner is imprisoned, his legacy was carried forward by former KAT team members. Torrentfreak Source. This isnt a direct link, but it'll still lead you there. ~snip~
  5. M

    Kickass torrent alternative after its Owner got arrested??

    What happened to all the uploaders who uploaded at kat? Which torrent site they moved to? Which torrent site to visit after kat got banned? I liked kat cause had well categorized torrents in main page and had a forum with pretty helping community. If you any like kat (not talking about the...
  6. Ricky

    Whats your monthly bandwidth usage --- (condition applied)

    Hi, There are already few threads about this kind of topic but I am actually curious to know about your monthly bandwidth usage if you are not into "Torrent" downloading at all with occasional Youtube videos.. For me I live happily with in 10GB limit when its 24/7 on and I don't just...
  7. A

    DD-WRT compatible router

    Can you please suggest routers upto Rs 2500 max with USB sharing,dual antennas that are compatible with DD-WRT?Basically I want to download torrent files in the range of 10GB+ without keeping my system turned on. Also I have a TP-LINK w8968 modem.Can I use this to download torrent directly to...
  8. Chetan1991

    [Open] How to set up utorrent so that it downloads via only wifi?

    My broadband was down and used my phone's 3G to laptop for net but forgot to stop torrent download and it ate up all data balance and talktime as well. Is there a way to set up the OS or utorrent so that it downloads only when a certain wifi connection is established?
  9. R

    Dot Blocks Torrent sites and file hosting sites

    Source - Has DoT blocked file hosting and torrent websites in India?
  10. R

    Urgent_Need ADSL Plus Router_Long Rage_Torrent Support

    Hi Guys, I have BSNL Broadband and an Old Beetal ADSL plus Router however i am living in a Three Story Building and thats why not getting enough signals on all floors. I want it to have inbuilt torrent support, USB Port for HDD and Long range. Torrent Support and Long range (all three...
  11. A

    Which ISP is best for decent direct download speed and torrent download speed in Kolkata?

    Hello Guys, This is my first thread in Digit Forums, so please forgive me for any inconveniences I may have caused. Here is my problem. I stay in Kolkata and use PMPL broadband for my internet connection. I use their 256kbps Rs. 440/- connections which painfully slow. But their torrent download...
  12. A

    UTorrent : Anroid Version is flawed ?

    I have been using this for quite some time now,there are two problems I faced with this software. 1. It frequently keeps giving this msg "ERROR:File or directory not found " and on resuming the torrent the problem is resolved. 2. The torrent gets stuck in the state checking..I have to...
  13. A

    torrent download

    does torrent offer legal movie downloads and is it safe viruswise.if so which torrent shud i download and where can oi thereafter access free movies download in torrent
  14. bssunilreddy

    Beam Tele stopping all Torrent sites!

    Hai, I cannot open any torrent site in Beam Broadband.Please help me? I cannot open and in Beam Tele.
  15. ithehappy

    My HDD has gone slow, I think, what to do?

    For past few weeks I think that my HDD is performing very slowly, it's a WD 1TB Black drive, running Win 7 x64. Say when I boot up PC the HDD keeps loading a 27 GB torrent file I am downloading and it takes almost 5 minutes for that file to check under U Torrent, for that 5 minutes period other...
  16. N

    Lock utorrent

    Hello friends, here is a wierd problem i have come across at my college. We use utorrent to download files .. but somehow people come and delete the files alltoether. Is there a way of torrent client with LOCK feature in it. Any suggestions are welcome ! thx
  17. S

    WiFi Router around 2k - Is N13 still the best option?

    Ok, so before last week, I had zero knowledge of anything related to routers. After a few days of scanning these forums, it seems the N13 is popularly recommended. I've also read that the N13 is a bit old now. And all the recent reviews for it on Flipkart seem negative for some reason. I...
  18. P

    webseeds and private tracker ratio

    hello friends, i have a problem at my hand right now... i have a created a torrent with private tracker and added a webseed url of the same file which is located on my server in the torrent.... the torrent is working excellent... but the problem is that the upload made from the webseed is not...
  19. A

    Where To Download Xbox Games From????????

    can somebody tell me where to download xbox games from one which can be played via usb .can anybody suggest any good torrent links (advisable to have torrent file that are between 5-6 gb ). if available is there any site that lets download free compressed xbox games....
  20. A

    torrent speed

    How do i increase my torrent speed? I mean some files are downloaded at 100 kbps while most(about 80 % of them) are downloaded at 10 to 15 kbps.(Downloading one file at a time). Can I get 100 kbps on other files as well? Some of my friends use iptorrent account which gives maximum speed (I don't...
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