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Think Digit Geek of the Week

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Dude stop complaining.NOTW was an original idea so it got so many hits.
There were a lot of award threads after that and they faded away.
Maybe if this thread was up before NOTW,people would have posted in it.
So try to be original


Hitboxx said:
[ Noob ] v [ Geek ]

Which do you think is the most attractive word?!

[ booN ] v [ KeeG ]

n00b = b00n...
so thats good!

piyush gupta

Cyborg Agent
^^where is that thread...how do u know rabboo has deleted that

any idea

any mod here to reply this question...


Geek thread is hijacked by noob :D:D:D



die blizzard die! D3?
who said notw thread was deleted by raaabo?I was here when it was deleted---you know I just clicked the 'goto last post' and at that very moment it got deleted(i cudn't view it).Then I checked who was online---only grudgy.But raaabo was online too after 5 minutes or so.So cant really say what happened here.

well we all know who are the geeks here so it is kinda less interesting.
^^so THAT's why this thread is picking up traffic...

anyway, Who cares if this thread succeeds... we can just use and throw this like anything else.

@Raaabo, if you are watching: why was NOTW deleted? will this also be deleted?:confused:


||uLtiMaTE WinNER||
The_Devil_Himself said:
well we all know who are the geeks here so it is kinda less interesting.

I think Users (hvi.....Below 700 Posts) must be nominated for the award......
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