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  1. B

    Transcend Wins COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2016

    Transcend Information, a worldwide leader in storage, multimedia and industrial products, is proud to announce that its industrial-grade SuperMLC SSD510K and the DriveProTM Body 20 body camera were awarded the “Best Choice Award 2016” out of nearly 400 entries for top design quality and...
  2. anuragsinghh

    which goty award is the most trusted one

    I have seen several of websites announcing their goty awards but which one is the best and could be trusted?
  3. Vyom

    NASA shortlists Assam innovator for award

    NASA shortlists Assam innovator for award
  4. pauldmps

    DNA scam awards

    Source: DNA scam awards - India - DNA When we cannot ignore and stop things, we give away awards. And we’re never short of contenders. This year, however, India’s scamsters have outdone themselves to feature in this awards list. DNA picks the deserving rogues. The disrespecting his in-laws...
  5. M

    Microsoft MVP Nominations are NOW Open

    Microsoft MVP Nominations are NOW Open Microsoft "MVP" is an award to recognize and award the top individual contributors in technology communities e.g. Windows community, Office community. The MVP Award is given in...
  6. M

    SPAMMER of the Month Certificate

    SPAMMER of the Month Certificate :grin: Here's an Example Get the Certificate from Here: http://www.sillyhumor.com/images/spammer_certificate.pdf Award it to SPAMMERS :grin::grin::grin:
  7. Who

    The 2009 Golden Globes goes to....

    You bet it is Slumdog Millionaire , it has won Globes in 4 catagories Best Motion Picture - Drama Best Original Score - Motion Picture Best Director - Motion Picture Best Screenplay - Motion Picture yeah this so awesome , anyway A.R. Rahman really deserved the orignal score award...
  8. Pat

    Android app store winners announced

    The final phase of Android Developer Challenge I is now complete. Out of 50 teams of finalists, 10 teams received a $275,000 award each and 10 teams received a $100,000 award each. All of the teams' hard work during the past several months is apparent in the final 50 entries. The teams have each...
  9. dreamcatcher

    W980 Best European Music phone

    The Sony Ericsson W980 has just been awarded with the EISA award for Best European Music Phone. EISA is an assiocation of 50 special interest magazines from a total of 19 countries - each year they select an array of EISA award winners in lots of different categories, and this year, the Sony...
  10. D

    Overclocking Issue?

    Hi every1. i want to overclock my PC but i cant do it.I tried some overclocking guide sbut they were of no help..... I have a Vintron MotherBoard with Award Bios and a Pentium-3 PLease Help Thnks in advance
  11. NewsBytes

    Tejas Networks wins TEMA award for Excellence in R&D

    Tejas Networks wins TEMA award which recognizes the most promising technology innovator in India Tejas Networks, an enabler of high-performance telecom infrastructure, announced that it has received the TEMA (Telecom Equipment Manufacturer’s association) Award for Excellence in R&D...
  12. girish.g

    n82 wins best imaging device award

    read this on mobile-review.com Nokia's N82 has proven itself to be a great camera phone time and time again, combining a good five megapixel camera, with an xenon flash to boot. So, it should be no surprise that it has won the best mobile imaging device from Technical Image Press Association...
  13. blackpearl

    The software awards scam

    So your software won an award, did ya? Then read this http://successfulsoftware.net/2007/08/16/the-software-awards-scam/
  14. a_k_s_h_a_y

    And the Best Handset Award goes to..

    Mobile World Congress has its annual Global Mobile Awards Clearly it was the strongest contender for the award and it has won !! The Winner has been announced and the winner is !! Sony Ericsson W910 Source 1 Source 2 The Super Sexy w910 deserves the award ...
  15. iMav

    Jabalpur Service Wins E-governance Award

    The Jabalpur district collectorate in Madhya Pradesh has won the National Golden Icon Award for its Telebhugtan or telephonic payment service. The award, meant for the innovative usage of technology in e-governance, was conferred on Thursday at the 11th National Conference on e-Governance at...
  16. N

    Women Drivers Award

  17. ax3

    BIOS flashing ???

    how 2 do a bios flashing ? coz bios date on my pc is quite old ....... 05\30\2000 ..... after pc boots up >> year is 2000 >> & now when i change 2 2008, it HANGS .... BIOS = "Award Modular Bios v 6.00 PGN" , An energy star ally .......
  18. azzu

    |*|*|*DIgit Un-offical Forum awards*|*|*|

    |*|*|*DIgit Un-offical Forum awards*|*|*| yes u spelled it right. All u have to do is Dowload the Text attached and choose Your Winner Send it to me.(EMAIL) 1):The awards will be based on the Highest Votes basis. 2):Every active Member of Forum is requested to participate...
  19. MetalheadGautham

    Think Digit Geek of the Week

    Digit Geek of the Week Award This is what all have been waiting for! Since the thread started for the noob of the week section has been becoming popular, I decided that there must be an offitial Geek of the Week award too(it rimes well).:D Judging: 1. Originality The post needs to...
  20. Vishal Gupta

    Microsoft MVP Award is Waiting for You...

    Guys Its really a gr8 news for all of u. :D Do u want to become a MVP like me? Now getting Microsoft MVP award is not so hard. Each and every of you can get it. ;) Yesterday "MeraWindows" announced that they will be nominating top contributors in the forum for Microsoft MVP award. There can...
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