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The SHOWOFF Thread


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I am constructing a new gaming PC after 5.5 years. The previous one was a Core 2 Duo purchased in March 2008 which I used till last year with a Radeon HD 4670 graphics card.

However, my gaming requirements reduced a lot due to family responsibility so last year I sold my aging machine and purchased an AMD APU Machine. I am upgrading the CPU + motherboard in Nov along with the new GPU. Till then I am keeping this APU system and will give this at home as a HTPC.

This is a start. A foundation on which I am going to make and upgrade my PC for many years to come.

Presenting RED. And its components. All images can be seen on my Facebook albums.


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Final config.

  • AMD FX 6300
  • MSI 970A-G43
  • 8 GB Crucial Balistix tactical DDR3 1866 RAM
  • Cooler Master HAF 912 Combat
  • ADATA 64 GB SSD for OS
  • 500 GB Western Digital Cavier Black
  • Corsair CX 500v3 Bronze PSU
  • Cooler Master Hyper TX3
  • Samsung P2370MS monitor.


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^ One of the neat cabinet I have seen but change Cooler Master extreme power plus. Reason see the PSU blacklist thread


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@amjath- thanks bro! Actually I salvaged the psu, ram and graphics card from my previous build. didn't have much of a budget so i figured this psu will do because there are no power hungry components as such (i5~85W and 6670~75W). So, that's that!

@gollum- my friend has the k380 and i'm pretty sure they are of the same material! :)

@abhidev- Thanks man!


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Finished my Case Mod.


Small Video of touch screen working. (Sorry for poor video quality)
will post more...

HAF 7.1 Amplifier Touch Screen working. - YouTube
HAF 7.1 Amplifier Touch Screen & Xonar DX Control Panel - YouTube
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