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this news also showing that Bijoy Mallya (owner of BRC) will invest a lot money to buy new players, because the 20cr. cap will be withdrawn by the IPL committee in next season, Ambani will also purchase some new players, that means we can view even more MONEY in next IPL season;)

yeah read this in today's newspaper.something like european football is going to happen.transfer fees would be applied for contracted players to move to another team.

charu sharma sacked from the post of CEO of RCB.

really? when?
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charu sharma sacked from the post of CEO of RCB. Prasad rumored to be next in line....
btw what was his job, as a ceo?

and if prasad, is fired as bowling coach, he can come and play as a player in IPL, after all he is only in his late thirties.;)

wonder what dravid will face? he has been in crises ever since he gave up captaincy.:D


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this 20 cr cap was good for peaple like ambani willstart putting in money like crazy..and there will be a dfferent league altogether...not fair imo..


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I think the mumbai indians and kolkata knight riders match will be held in D.Y Patil... Coz all the matches are shifted to that ground... as said by the commentators... i heard though not sure...


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i hope that the MI wins , that will put a balance on this IPL...but , yes i dont want KKR to loose too , that will be a 4 in a row...


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Aakash Chopra may play for KKR tomorrow , dont know what Ganguly thinks. Aakash in T-20 :sarcastic:
another option is Taibu, he played good innings in practice match, anyone can play in next match


82/4 now

KKR lacking a blasting opener. They are missing Gayle badly.

82/5 now



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