1. vetdrchandan

    Suggest from these four mobiles

    Nokia c2-02
  2. unni

    GTA4 for PC to Arrive on November 18

    Source: *www.lockergnome.com/truxter/2008/08/06/gtaiv-on-pc-is-official/
  3. eggman

    The official IPL Thread

    Lets Discuss about anything and everything about IPL here!! Well I'm going to attend the first match of IPL on 18th April ...Bangalore vs Kolkata. Anyone else attending any match!!!
  4. debsuvra

    Email in the 18th century

    Well, just check the link *www.lowtechmagazine.com/2007/12/email-in-the-18.html
  5. R

    is dells order status link accurate?

    i have placed order on 17th dec. the manufacturing is already done on 18th. now it is showing current status shipping since 18th dec. is the link updated or might have not been updated. the link also does not give me estimated delivery date.
  6. H

    Zebronics 500watt platinum psu doubt

    Well i have this simple question.I have an old intex psu when i compared the pins in the intex and zebronics psu i saw that the 18th pin in the 20 pin connector of the zebronics psu(not counting the extra 4 pins)missing.But when i installed it on my system it works just fine.I have bought this...
  7. D

    Help needed!

    Please help with me with one of my projects. This is for my social project.Tell me websites where I can get information on these. 1.Exploration and Discoveries of the world during the 13th to 18th century. 2.The reasons for the rise of spirit of inquiry and the beginninig of the age of...
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