1. kool

    ►►►is IPL wastage of money ? What u say guys ?

    Hi guys, today i had fight with my friend he was saying IPL is totally wastage of money, but i'm not supporting it. Share your views.
  2. omega44-xt

    IPL 6 thread.

    Vote for your favourite team
  3. Worried From Bugs

    IPL Windows 7 Themes

    Hello Digit Users, I have created 9 IPL team themes for Windows 7 users. If you are Windows 7 user then you can use it on your computer. Following are the themes: Chennai Super Kings Windows 7 Theme Deccan Chargers Windows 7 Theme Delhi Daredevils Windows 7 Theme Kings XI Punjab...
  4. gagan007

    Official IPL 2011 Discussion Thread

    I know, we are all tired after just concluded super-exciting ICC Cricket World Cup and maybe there is no enthusiasm left in us to watch anymore cricket but its here anyways. The IPL 2011, sponsors of which claim that it will keep India shut down during whole season. :) So time to get over the...
  5. A

    Should IPL exists

    Hey frnds, let me ask you a very simple question. Is it worth having IPL. Shouldn't it be banned. I support that it should be. Reasons below 1. At the time when we all are talking about environmental pollution:-(. At the time when we are standing where we should do something to prevent this...
  6. S

    Hyd won IPL

    Guys Hyderabad won IPL 2009... I supported banglore but it went like india team ;)
  7. Pragadheesh

    fake ipl player

    hi, hope some of you would have noticed this blog,"Fake IPL player" which has reached huge commotion in KKR dressing room. The unknown poster, who goes by the name of 'Fake IPL Player', claims to be part of the KKR squad and has been a huge irritant to owner Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood star and...
  8. amitash

    Fake ipl player

    Hey, i found this and boy is it funny: fakeiplplayer.blogspot.com Apparantly its a player playing for KKR in the ipl and he brings us nice stories from inside in a humourous way...Is he a player or not? I have no clue... He uses an array of nicknames for all the ppl involved in the ipl and a...
  9. soumya

    Microsoft Silverlight for Online IPL Viewers

    The official website of the Indian Premier League -- www.IPLt20.com will provide an interactive video experience to those would like to view match coverage online. The videos will broadcast using Microsoft's Silverlight platform, which is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for viewing rich...
  10. gaurav_indian

    IPL moved out of India.

    IPL to be played outside India *content.cricinfo.com/ipl2009/content/current/story/396319.html
  11. gaurav_indian

    What should be postponed?Elections or IPL?

    Due to security concerns what should be postponed?Elections or IPL? I think Elections should be postponed.Waise bhi 2 months mein kaunsa teer maar lenge elections jeet ke.:rolleyes:
  12. D

    IPL(indian Political League)

    Dates of IPL announced.So Democratic peoples please Vote for your favorite team. Warning:There Is No Connections Between IPL And LOK SABHA Poll.
  13. S

    IPL Vs ICL

    I prefer IPL and I guess most would prefer the same. I got irritated with ICL bcoz of Lahore badshah team. Its a complete pakistan team while other teams are not as such. How ICL can allow a international team to play a domestic cricket? :mad:
  14. The Conqueror

    Cricket 2008

    No,Cricket 2008 hasnt released yet.But now PlanetCricket is proving a patch that will add IPL Tournaments,Update Rooster kits,Add New players,Music etc and update your cricket 2007 to 2008. This is NOT a patch from OFFICIAL SITE.This is completly unofficial and is meant for just extending...
  15. Pathik

    Preity Zinta counting the Prize money after IPL

    ROFL!!! :D Taken from FE.
  16. karthik55859

    who will keep the ipl trophy?

    silly but its cracking my head ..... royals has won the ipl trophy, but who will keep the trophy?????? is it franchise? or who???????????
  17. R

    Sachin Vs Others

    Today while anouncing team India for Bangladesh and Asia cup tour, news channels say that Ganguly and Dravid are "dropped" and Sachin was "not available" for tour. Are we fair to these two greats? Have they not played well in IPL matches? Give chance to youngsters. That is different. But why...
  18. Zangetsu

    The IPL King Is???

    The IPL is getting hot hot hotter...with 4 teams 4 semis:p predict who will win what do u think guys:D
  19. Dark Star

    IPL Signatures : Pick your now !

    Hi all Was thinking to create Signatures based on IPL teams.. Since everyone is mesmerized by IPL, its nice to have signature that support your team.. I have created base images so that you can add text according to you need.. They are 8 in number..Check the preview.. Download : IPL Signature...
  20. damnthenet

    IPL - Indian Problem League???

    The IPL has started............ and seems to be not worth the salt. Look what one placard in the very first match said........"I am here to watch the girls dancing". It is not good for Cricket as TEST cricket is what is goin to test cricketing skills........ It is not any real kind of...
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