the HP dv6-6017tx, 6121tx, 6140tx and dv6-6165tx thread


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^^USB 3.0 is blue colored as opposite to traditional white/black coloring.



yes . its USB 3.0 the specs in hp website shows that 6121tx has got 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. Also USB 3.0 drivers are installed in my system


The 2 ports on the left side in 6121TX are USB 3.0. But they are not blue. They are marked with the USB 3.0 icon too just below the port. I have checked with device manager, and I have checked it with my WD USB 3.0 device. No doubts about that.


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I bought 6165tx.. updated the BIOS of 31 october 2011
now wahta I have to do to switch graphics?
My rating is 5.9 in graphics why?

I installed the october BIOS in my 6165tx.. where should I switch to fixed or dynamic in BIOS setup?


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@anoopjb and everybody who is wondering if they got a USB 3.0 port or not...

IMO the best way to check is to use a USB 3.0 device (that you should be sure of) and plug it into one of the USB 2.0 ports(right side of the laptop) should give you a pop up saying that your

"USB 3.0 device should perform better if plugged in to a USB 3.0 port"

Now you should plug it into the USB 3.0 port (should be at the left side), if you still get the same pop up, they are not USB 3.0.

and it is always better to check the device manager to see if any USB 3.0 devices are installed.

you can also check if "C:/swsetup" folder contains USB 3.0 drivers for my 6165tx included the drivers as I had to install it after doing a clean install of Win7. "I am not sure why the driver was not included in win 7"

I hope this helps.



How you are getting 6.9 graphic rating?
Mine 6165tx having 5.9 graphic rating.. what to do?

I think you are running your GPU in 'Auto Switch' mode, instead of 'Fixed Mode'. Change it to 'Fixed Mode' in the BIOS, and then select 'High Performance GPU' in CCC. Run the WEI again to set the scores straight.


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How you are getting 6.9 graphic rating?
Mine 6165tx having 5.9 graphic rating.. what to do?

Why bothered about WEI? Run CPU-Z to see details of every component, then run a heavy game. If you get very good performance, then its good, which will happen all the time. Else run any benchmarking software.


^^ Actually, in this DV6-series, the GPU doesn't perform that well if it in automatic switching mode. This will reflect not only in the WEI, but also in games and benchmarks. So, it would be better to run the games and benchmarks in 'High Performance GPU' mode by selecting manual switching in the BIOS.


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How you are getting 6.9 graphic rating?
Mine 6165tx having 5.9 graphic rating.. what to do?

Open the BIOS Setup(F10)>System Configuration>Switchable graphics mode
and then Toggle to FIXED MODE , Save and Exit
After reboot Plugin the laptop to Charger and right click to open Switchable graphics config and select High performance GPU and now rerun the WEI assessment then u will be getting 6.9 and with a bit of overclocking can get 7.0 :)
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