1. H

    Need a laptop under 40k, primarily for browsing.

    Need a laptop with the following requirements. Also want to know where to buy it from. 1. Windows only 2. Under 40k 3. Brands that are reliable 4. Primary use will be browsing, video watching all the basic stuff. It doesn't need to be able to play the latest games at 60 fps and ultra...
  2. Randy_Marsh

    Need a new laptop for specific needs

    What is your budget? (INR or USD): I am willing to spend approx. 20k. Can stretch by 5-7k if deal is really good. 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15" would be better, but I am alright with 14" display as well, but nothing less than that. 3) What are the...
  3. vedula.k95

    Need a phone with range 7K - 8K with good Camera quality.

    1. Budget? 7K - 9K 2. Display type and size? Not enough experience with displays but my last two device had IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and it was comfy;5 inch or 4.7. 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? LTE 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing...
  4. Dr. House

    Best 50" 4K Television Set

    I am looking to purchase a 4K TV 48-50" this Holi for price budget as less as possible (around 70k) but it should have the great quality and 3 years warranty option. I will get PS4 pro for gaming as well, already have Panasonic music system to attach on.
  5. S

    Suggest Full HD LED TV around 30k

    Need a Full HD TV around 30k budget. Smartness is optional. Screen size : 32 or 40 inch Any Model in mind: 1. Vu 102cm (40) Full HD Smart LED TV (H40K311, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) 2. LG 80cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV (32LH604T, 2 x HDMI, 2 x USB) 3. SAMSUNG 80cm (32) Full HD Smart LED TV...
  6. B

    Image editing and converting softwares

    Hi Guys, Which is the best software to convert hi-res jpegs to pdf format, without any loss in quality? Also can you please guide how to increase/decrease resolution and dpi of an image? Thanks
  7. H

    Where do I get high quality English music?

    My friends are able to download high quality Hindi music from a variety of websites, and the quality is amazing. The bass is powerful and the music very melodious, even on their 600 rupee headphones. But I download English music and the quality is just flat, whether its 320kbps or Flac...
  8. J

    WTS : Audio-technica ATH-M50 headphone in Kolkata

    Studio quality headphone, fascinatingly balanced output, does full justice to high quality recordings, just google to know more. Almost unused , bought in December 2013 with proper bills and have been used indoors for maximum 4/5 times, comes with the box and everything that was in the box...
  9. H

    Phone with best sound quality?

    Hi all, Please recommend a phone which delivers awesome sound quality through earphones. Earlier, I had Redmi 2 which did the job pretty good. My budget is 12k-13k max.
  10. J

    Best Build Quality IEM/Earphone under Rs 1000

    I want Best Earphone under Rs 1000. My main priority is build quality. So please suggest. If earphones has mic then its great , its optional though. Please suggest ASAP
  11. D

    Cheap a$$ cables

    I am tired of replacing cheap quality cables getting down even those with warranty. There are so many useless cables lying around my house. Its 2016 aren't manufacturers supposed to provide quality cables instead of useless features and high resolution.
  12. A

    Community of Digit, what brands would you recommend and who would you advice against?

    So, what PC component brands do you have a good experience with and recommend? Or have bad memories of would advice against?! Ps. if your from Kolkata I want details! I'm setting shop here, selling Gaming PCs. edited for clarity.
  13. H2O

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 vs Redmi Note 3

    Sorry to bother you all. But, I have zeroed in on these two phones and I have more or less gone through the majority of pros and cons in both these phones. There are a couple of things which I still am not clear about. So if you guys can clarify that for me, I would be very thankful. Cheers...
  14. R

    ASUS R510JX - DM230t

    I have got a 65K offer on ASUS R510JX DM230t from an official ASUS dealer. Considering the fact that I am getting FHD+Quad Core+ GTX950M at this price, I was thinking may be I should go for it. But I have been hearing bad things about the build quality of ASUS, heating issues and viewing angle...
  15. D

    Need a new IEM around 2-3k

    I require new irm for my ipod n redmi 1s. Budget : Rs 2000-3000 Genre : pop, rock, hiphop, Female vocals. no extra bass required. I m considering Vsonic Vsd3s, Tpeos popular, Tpeos tank , soundmagic e10s..also pls explain abt build quality Can u also tell me where can I buy them...
  16. KRISHI101

    Sony HX60v VS Sony Rx100... which one best to buy?

    i have two model thinking.. Sony RX100 and Sony HX 60v my main concern is image quality... i know sonyRx100 is the best in image quality does Sony Hx60v also best in image quality? i have tour to kerala and i want to shoot natural photos.. i love canon 700d but its not pocket size. So please...
  17. Dr. House

    Oneplus 2 screen broke! buying replacement digitizer

    Hello! guys, yesterday my Oneplus 2 dropped from 2 feet in my hospital with a patient. The display has single diagonal hairline crack on top right side. Damn! I was not using tempered glass or any kind of scratch guard. Also I was facing LCD mura issue (white dots background) since a week or so...
  18. R

    Android Smartphone (Galaxy s6 / Moto X force)

    1. Budget? 35k 2. Display type and size? IDK about type but must be at least full HD and best quality. 3. Dual sim? not needed. 4. Preferred choice of brand? none. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? flash, don't care about front. 6. Preferred...
  19. ithehappy

    A Very Good Video Converter Needed

    I use Handbrake, its really good, but looking for something even better, if possible with the new x265 codec support and all. Want to achieve even lower size and better quality output than Handbrake does, for my game play recordings with ShadowPlay. UI should be simple, don't understand...
  20. S

    Need Valuable Suggestion for NEW AC in Kolkata

    Dear friends, I am going to by a new Split AC, 1 Ton ( as roomsize 11x12 ) , kindly suggest me which should be best in quality and in respect from power consumption and after buy servicing. Price range within 30k. 3 star - 5 star is ok. Looking for your suggestion.
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