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^Debian Sid(unstable) ~ubuntu Hardy and Debian Lenny(testing)~ ubuntu Gutsy :)
Hope this solves the confusion.
BTW,Lenny is very stable more than gutsy too!and Debian Sid means new packages and it is a lil u may need to force installation and overwrite options as the .deb packages packed prolly may be buggy.

I use Lenny+sid using apt-pinning,which i recommend to only Debian freaks!
also the daily download of 12mb+ and in some bad days it will be upto 100+MBs esp Open office upgrades!:p so choose urself.
Dark Star said:
I already got Ubuntu wanted something new based on Debian :) SO thought abt Debian itself :p Well any1 got Etch ?
Location? I can give it to you... BTW, Xandros and Freespire are also debian based. If you want, I can give all ISOs in one DVD.


i m from thane (mumbai)
i want opensuse 10.3 dvd
i currently have ubuntu 7.10 dvd fedora 8 pcbsd 1.4 (vista + sp1 rc ) (fifa07)

saurabh kakkar

D i s t i n c t l y Ahead
I m very thankful to CadCrazy
Who has taken pain and Couriered me Ubunut 7.10 Alternate Cd 3 times :)
I was not able to recive the Cd 2 times coz of wrong address due to some communication error :(
But finally i received the Cd's :)
I wish I would be able to give him the money involved
Thanks CadCrazy once again and Digit Fourm and its members also :)
Saurabh kakkar
Update: The Ones in brown Text are recomended installs, either they have functionality of other OSes here or because the others are old now, or because they are DVD editions with lots of packages that include other OSes within them(Ubuntu DVD has kubuntu, edubuntu, xubuntu, etc within it)

Active List(Which I have now, are active in market)

Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon - i386 DVD(desktop and OEM functions)

This is the latest and best till date Ubuntu Distribution
The Best OS for your PC. Period.
This is the recomended OS if you want a full featured Gnome/KDE/Xfce desktop.
This has Ubuntu Studio functionality
This has Kubuntu dunctionality
This has Edubuntu functionlality
This has Gobuntu functionality
This has Xubuntu functionality

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn i386 Desktop CD(live)

Older, still good for PCs with 256 mb ram

awsome for older PCs
I use it comfortably with 256 MB ram and P4 2.66GHz

Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon - Latest - i386 Desktop CD

The Best OS for Older PCs
With even 128 MB RAM, works fast.
Good replacement for Windows on a less than or equal to 256 mb ram PC
Also recomended for Power Users who want blazing fast Functionality

nUbuntu 7.04 - Live CD

An Ubuntu Distro based on the 7.04 release
a speciality OS, has no extras like office suite
Designed for Security use

Linux MiNT 4.0 Daryna - Live 32 bit CD

An Ubuntu 7.10 Based OS
Runs Gnome Desktop Environment
Comes with all codecs preinstalled along with java, flash, etc
Out of box support for many features
Different theme from ubuntu, which looks pretty neat.
Has Compiz Fusion for extreme special effects
Ment for Linux n00bs and experts alike
A Decent choice for an OS

Mandriva One Spring 2007 - Live CD - Older version now

the most attractive OS of its time(no more now)
Has a glowing attractive theme
Nice effects on window opening, right clicking, etc.
Lots of wobbling windows, automatic window rearrangement on screen.
Runs KDE
Best for Mandriva Linux Fans

Mandriva One Spring 2008 - Live CD - Latest

The latest and best mandriva release that is free.
This Has Enough Eye-Candy for all your needs.
This boots into KDE by default
Uses a Package system thats a wrapper to RPMs

PCLinuxOS 2007 - Standard Live CD

This is a mandriva based distro that looks quite promising.
Its starting to gain more and more prominence.
This is the latest stable release available today.
Uses KDE By Default.

Knoppix 5.1.1 2007-01-04 - Latest Live KDE CD Standard edition

This was the most popular live distro ever.
This needs an i486 processor(minimum) to run.
32 mb ram for text mode, 86 mb for graphical KDE, 128 mb to run KDE apps.
You can also install this distro.
This is the latest release from Knopper.
This has text mode and KDE.
This CD Makes an excellent recovary CD.
A Must have for Linux users.

Fedora 7 DVD

Sorry guys, but Fedora 8 is out.
This is now a white elephant due to ver 8's new features
Ment to be run on Workstations. So ram, etc won't be a problem
Ubuntu/SuSE recomended for Desktops

Fedora 8 DVD

This is another must have distro.
It has several cool new features.
Wallpaper changes by time of the day!
This is ment for audiophiles, because it has PulseAudio
An Elegent OS that can suit everyone's need - Fedora!

Freespire 1 - Live CD

Based on ubuntu and linspire
good for windows migrators
looks like windows
has KDE
Warning: Linspire, Inc Signed a deal with M$ alienating Freespire from GPL v3 and the OSS Community

Dyne:Bolic 1.1 - Live CD

This is a multimedia based OS. Good For those who do lots of audio/video editing and similar juggling

Vector Linux 5.1 SOHO Live Disc

Good for those in small offices with light 384 mb ram systems.
Blazing fast.

SuSE 10.3 DVD

Novell's Latest Release
Now Gnome is the default desktop
Has Both Gnome and KDE to use
packs lots of apps
Eye candy there too
Good for Wannabe Linux Users migrating from Windows$.
Warning: Novell Signed deal with M$ hence alienating SuSE from GPL v3 & the OSS comunity

Slax Kill Bill Edition

based on slackware
live CD
has wine

Damn Small Linux - latest

50 mb distro
good for pendrives, etc
light weight

Floppix - Latest two Floppy Release

This is a Live Floppy Distro.
It needs two Floppies to install.
This has only text mode.
This comes with lots of essential linux apps.
A must try with your floppies.

Tom's Root Boot - Latest Floppy

"The most GNU/Linux on 1 floppy disk."
The qoute says it all.
Another Floppy Must try.

Puppy Linux

Another one similar to DSL
this one has a build project.
You can test your disto compiling capabilities with this one.

Feather Linux

Another USB thumb drive based distro like puppy and DSL.
Weighs only a feather
Based on Knoppix
Can be used for system recovary


The most popular pendrive OS
Versatile and feature expandable
Runs KDE and has quality apps.
Real Classy, this one.

MCN Live Toronto

Another Live USB Distro
Based on Mandriva Linux
This too comes with some stuff that pleases the eyes

Open SuSE 10.2 Live

Older version
For PCs with min 512 mb ram
not recomended for anyone
Warning: Novell Singned a deal with M$ alienating SuSE from GPL v3 and the OSS community



Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger
- no longer supported - in museums, history texts, etc

Kubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger
- no longer supported - in museums, history texts, etc


Who stole my Alpaca!
Id appreciate if someone downloads the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron AMD64 DVD version for me when the stable comes out will pay for Courier and Media charges :D
Ok, I am not sure if I can post this here(its non linux), but I also got the
Solaris 10 DVD
So if any of you guys want it, feel free to ask me.​


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Please can anyone download Xubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake for me! And can send to me in Punjab!
I'll pay for Media and Postage expense.
Or I can exchange
Linux Mint 4 Daryna
Ubuntu 7.10
Kubuntu 7.10
Dyne Boalic 1.1
Please PM me if anyone is interested.


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Do they really send? By the way I've requested two CDs, lets see when it will arrive!
I'm also in urgent need of slackware 11.0, very urgent...
Anyone with help?


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Big Thanks to Mehulved for sending me the ZenWalk cd.
I will be more than happy if I can ever help you buddy.


Who stole my Alpaca!
Looking for Debian :) . 64 Bit version of course . Ive heard it is unstable but I think I might be able to manage . I check zyxware and ti seems they dont have it in their request for CD/DVD list.

Prakash do you have the above?
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Proud to be Linux
I have


feel free to ask me.....
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