1. S

    Old Digit CDs/DVDs...

    i have accumulated a lot of CDs/DVDs that came with free with Digit/other magazines over the past 5-6 years. Can anyone suggest me a suitable way of disposing these discs?
  2. V

    Where to sell my Game DVDs

    Guys, I want to sell my all old game CDs/DVDs. Any suggestions about where to sell them?
  3. aminsagar123

    Nero Max Writing Speed

    I use Nero 8 to write CDs/DVDs using my HP DV6000 Laptop's DVD writer. Most of the times, Nero writes the CDs/DVDs at half the max speed inscribed on the media. any way to fix it ? :confused: Thank you.
  4. FatBeing

    The Distro Request Thread

    This sticky is for those who want a distro but don't have the bandwidth/time/patience/will to download it, and want to mooch off those who do. Make your requests thus: City: [goes here] Distro Needed: [goes here, and mention either x64 or x86] If you can fulfill a request, please reply to...
  5. a_medico

    Physical Protection of CDs/DVDs

    i have these thousands of cds which are creating a big prob of storage. i dont think i will use them very frequently but still i dont want to loose them. how do i protect them? 1) the cd stands which are available are never enough 2) folders are good option but still i have noticed if kept...
  6. mohit

    Suggest a software ofr making CD'S/DVD'S from my handycam.

    I am using a Sony DCR TRV 50E PAL handycam . Please tell me a very user friendly and easy software for a beginner like me which will allow me to create high quality cds/dvds from my tapes. I am a beginner and I am looking for a easy n comprehensive software. I have got the Ulead Visual Studio 6...
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