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Multiple media reports suggest India's ambitious ultra low-cost computing device “Sakshat” is finally going to arrive this month. The launch which was supposed to take place some six months ago hit several bottlenecks including an overhaul of the contract with the vendor.

Early reports suggest that the tablet is likely to be priced at Rs 2,200, out of which the Indian government will subsidize the 50 per cent of cost – bringing down the price to Rs 1,100. Nearly 10,000 tablets will be dispatched to IIT-Rajasthan later this month, while some 90,000 devices will be rolled out over the next four months, according to reports.

The device has a 7-inch touchscreen display, external hard drive and two USB ports. Moreover, the device has three-hour battery life. The tablet also supports several commonly used software applications including Word, Excel, power point, PDF viewer, Open office, zip/unzip facility, video streaming, flash video and web browser with javascript support. Officials claim the device has capacity to work in extreme conditions as well.

Sakshat is considered to be a revolutionary gadget, as it aims to connect the rural India with the ongoing technology boom. The tablet, which is mainly meant for students, is an attempt to ensure accessibility of information and latest technology for the masses in the rural areas.

With everything seemingly to be in place, the much-awaited device is set to take off very soon. The HRD ministry of India is going to manage the distribution of the gadget. The low cost Sakshat tablet project, if executed well, could prove to be a unique initiative that will empower and bridge the gap between rural and urban India.


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'Sakshat' Tablet PC finally!

Hello! friends. Just for a change I want your views upon this tablet.

SAKSHAT, yes it is the name of our 'Indian' tablet. Finally, it has been decided to release it this month for Rs.2200. After few time it will be available for Rs.1100. Just Imagine! even a Chinese mobile doesn't comes with these features at such an unbelievable price. Made by HCL, it's an affordable tablet for everyone. Perhaps, it will be seen in every home in a few years just as it is necessity of life.

Support for video web conferencing facility; multimedia content viewer for example .pdf, .docx, .ods, .adp, .doc, .xls, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .odt, .zip, AVI, AC3, etc.; searchable PDF reader; unzip tool to unzip zip files; possibility to install suitable firmware upgrades; computing abilities such as Open Office, SciLab, cups (for printing support); media player able to play streamed and stored media files; Internet browsing, JavaScript, PDF plug-in Java; wireless communication for audio/video I/O; cloud computing option; remote device management ability; rendering YouTube and other online video services (open source Flash players, e.g., gnash or swfdec).





Here, are its specs:

-Display: Touch Screen 7"
-Keyboard: Built in
-Connectivity: Wifi, USB
-Operating System: Linux
-It has single unit system which has a touch screen.
-Two USB 2.0 ports
-SIM card slot
-Support for 3G USB modem


-Video web conferencing facility,
-Multimedia content viewer for example pdf, jpeg, zip, etc,
-Computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab and
-Internet browsing with flash plug-in, JavaScript.
-It is enabled with a touch screen.
-An in-built keyboard is attached with this laptop.
-The laptop can store the data of up to 2 GB memory. It is a RAM memory.
-Wifi connectivity and USB port are this laptop’s additional features.
-2 watt system is used up by this laptop so that it can even perform in
areas where power supply is low.
-Linux system is programmable in this laptop.

What do you think? Getting one this summer?
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Re: 'Sakshat' Tablet PC finally!

I would love to owe one !!!

When where and how can i get it???

PS :- I heard its only for students :twisted: ( I just passed 12 this year :grin: )


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Re: 'Sakshat' Tablet PC finally!

PS :- I heard its only for students :twisted: ( I just passed 12 this year :grin: )

Initially, it will be for students for Rs.2200, then it will be made available to everyone for Rs.1100 after Govt. removes 50% tax from it. It will be available at the end of this month.


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This tablet Is good for only budget !!
I mean If you dont want to go above Rs.2000,this is the best tab ever.
Like If some of you are going to buy a chinese mobile,maybe a chinese I phone for Rs.2500
just go for this tab.


Ya! It was reviewed at NDTV Gadget Guru show by Mr. Kapil Sibal himself.

And he said they will roll it out in mid 2011.

It will be for schools and colleges only (read students)!

Initially in the first phase for government schools and colleges. later private schools will get sample sets (for free) and then they can order it for their school students.

The Tablet will come pre loaded with school curriculum (as e-books) and interactive videos lectures.

Visit the SAKSHAT website for FREE bies!
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If it were made available even for 2500, I will buy right away... on the spot.
But sadly, those are just for students. Hoping it opens for general public, even at non-subsidized rates.


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ok. so for 2500 you are getting a "working" electronic item. but what will one get for 3000-3500? a Chinese tablet with Android with much more capable H/W.

some will say Chinese electronic = bomb. but then they are OEMs for some big multinational company. & who can guarantee this can't be used in place of an IED?


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It will be working with 2GB of memory (expandable upto 8GB).
Battery backup will be near about 3 hours.

@AshutoshM: You have said it's RAM, which means you will need to use a storage device (like pen drive) along with this tablet. :-(


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I still don't expect much from it... Most of the promised specs won't be present..

However, even I would want one... Who won't?


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lets wait for the Videocon, Micromax, Lava tablets. they'll be running on Android & even if they ship with 500-600Mhz proccy+ Android 2.1 + 256Mb ram & 0 internal memory (microSD card only), they will outperform it.


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It will be working with 2GB of memory (expandable upto 8GB).
Battery backup will be near about 3 hours.

@AshutoshM: You have said it's RAM, which means you will need to use a storage device (like pen drive) along with this tablet. :-(

Yes, You are right. It will be using flash memory as its RAM. Probably, it's own storage memory.

And to all the users, its price is not Rs.2500. It is Rs.2200. I think you are multiplying $25 with 50 to get the price in Rupees. Let me tell you that value of 1 $ is Rs.46 currently. Multiply 25$ with 46, you get 1150, which is nearly Rs.1100 (which is the price of the tablet after govt. removes 50% tax). Now, the finalized price is Rs.2200 not Rs.2500. :smile:

Also, it is not an International tablet that you are saying "the 25$ tablet". It's an Indian tab so call it in Rupees.
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