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Dreaming Future
give us some c/c++ codes

hi digit team can add some more extras stuff like c/c++. Digit will not only get some more readers but can also enter in to the new market.


Broken In
Maybe, if it's possible, making menus for DVDs ? As in the menus that come first in certain DVDs which have more than one movie, where you get to select which movie you wanna watch ? Those tuts would be deadly !


18 Till I Die............
I too would like to see a section on programming being introduced. Programming basics for various languages will be a refreshing add-on.


medigit said:
The software that are given are mostly old version.Plz try to give the latest version of the softwares. Then the DIGIT PDF's that are given are not of the recent past.We want the previous 12 months PDF in every issue.

I strongly agree.
U could also give a complete archive of all the previous Digit magazine issues along with a search function like u once gave in u'r anniverary issue in 2004.


Coming back to life ..
nimish said:
Just many takers for development/programming related stuff? Nothing too hardcore, just material to get a newbie started and on his way.

Note that I'm NOT promising anything.

Aye aye Captain ..!!

Now for suggestions .. Make that FastTrack bimonthly or tri .. But give us 2 Dvds .. I can afford 150 Rs too :D .. But give updated contents in Dvd yaar ..

Try making two different versions .. Two Cd version and two dvd version .. Two cd version can be cheaper .. and it will be attractive for those who dnt have Dvd drive (I dont know many though :p) ..

And yeah .. Make it more interactive .. Increase Reader's contribution section .. The forum gets too little coverage in the mag . .. increase that ...

And yeah .. Change the DVD / CD interface .. I hate Flash ... You can create a menu for users to select between HTML and Flash interface .. But do that ..


i just have one thing to say
try and stay on top of autopatcher updates

by general rule he updates it every second week of the month .. so it might be wise to check then ...

autopatcher updates are very handy .. atleast for me ....
and try to keep it on both cd or dvd .. or only on cd .. my offcie dun have dvd drive :D

thats all .. the rest i dun really care abt hehehe ..

o yeah .. i agree with bat

And yeah .. Make it more interactive .. Increase Reader's contribution section .. The forum gets too little coverage in the mag . .. increase that ...

we can all come up with a really good plan if team digit is game ...
and again as bat said .. full screen flash sux .... :|
html interface is just fine i think ..

Satissh S

I Won't Say:-
1. Stop the ads! Di9it has to survive and pay it's employees, I wudn't want my fav mag go extinct.
2. Give us the very latest autopatcher updates. I dunt care. They are of no use to me.
3. Give equal importance to Windows and Linux. Most Di9it readers use Windoes and it is natural they they give importance to it.
4. Give a distro a month. Useless.

I Would Rather say:-
1. Give us just 200 Mb of good quality FOSS Softies each month along with any kernel security patches if you desire.
2. Publish good articles either in tips n tricks or as seperate section for making a newbie comfortable with linux.
3. Give two distro's a year. (June and Dec) Seriously yaar, Two major ones. (Your liking BSD and/or Linux)
4. Give good account on Open Source programming languages, For Example you could start with python tutorials. Python is a very easy as well as a powerfull programming language that is easy to learn and implement. It is usually recommended as a first programming language.
5. Start a section to fight piracy to educate people to buy proprietary softwares or use FOSS softies.
6. PLZ PLZ for god sake don't use the terms 'Hacker' or 'Hacking' when you mean 'cracking'. It doesn't do justice to the hackers community.
7. Keep up the good work.


Right off the assembly line
ok here is my list which has been on my mind for so long

1.more news about latest games.
2.more articles about computer and its applications in different fields.
3.and pls dedicate a page or two(the more the better) on sound editing and dj softwares.




Broken In
g_goyal2000 said:
tech_your_future said:
I too would like to see a section on programming being introduced. Programming basics for various languages will be a refreshing add-on.

sujithtom said:

One vote from me in support.

tech_your_future & sujithtom - you both are right. One more more vote

:roll: Please - please - please - please - please - please - please
Add some hardware stuffs to Digit Patron.......!!!!!! :roll:



I want :

2 DVDs
Give video footage of your TEST CENTER
Fully updated Online & Offline versions of ARCHIVE.

Rohan Rastogi


Here are some suggestions :D

1. Can u PLEASE give a review of AOE 3?
2. Provide more "Do-it-Yourself" sort of articles in the mag
3. Carry a 'Fast Track' on Consoles please
4. Do away with Gender Benders. It STINKS
5. Do away with erotic photos and articles in Tabloid Tech
6. Try to provide some more software reviews
7. Do away with celeb geeks. It's completely useless.


left this forum longback
Only One Suggestion:
Will Digit Change the title of Open Source Section to Open Source/Linux.
this is for the sake of n00bs who dont know what is Open Source and Linux is a Open Source OS.
Also give a short explanation what is Open Source /Linux in forum.


1. OpenOffice needs to be given more and regular converage. We know 90% of the people use pirated MS Office even for writing letters that can be written in notepad! :roll: Let Digit use its reach and influence on people to reduce piracy and promote free software ;) :D

2. Some better products for Patron points! As of now only old unused stock of things is offerred in return of points!

3. Please get rid of that irritating flash interface of CD/DVDs! Why can't you give an HTML format? HTML and Javascript has been used since so long for creating some wonderful interfaces! You don't need to bother about SEO here, use frames :lol: if you need to.

4. A section of programming/development (including Javascript, PHP, ASP, etc.) will be wonderful. Nimish is on the right track. Go for it!

5. Get rid of useless stuff like Gender Blender, One silly (admittedly!!) question, old way - tech way, etc. Its all non-sense! Whoever needs a break from other tech-heavy :roll: articles can keep Digit aside and do something else for some time.

Satissh S

@tuxfan: Have you bid FOSS goodbye?? Why can't we (i) see you in Open Source section these days? Very rarely i see you even post! :) .

@ teamdigit guys: Many i know in this forum are requesting either a Fast Track book or a seperate section in the mag for FOSS/Linux. You can also add some articles on making profits with FOSS softwares so that people don't think that we cant make money if we choose a career based on FOSS.
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