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Hi All,
Please suggest a streo bluetooth headset. I have to pair it with my laptop and also my N95. I thought the motorola S9 would be good. Any idea abt its price?


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S9 is good if you prefer some style. There are 2 versions of s9 . The original s9 will cost you about 3-3.5k and the duplicate version is around 1.5-2k. Dont buy the duplicate one , it has low sound quality and there are no buttons to fast forward or to skip tracks on it.


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I'll suggest SE HBH DS200. It also has built-in 3.5mm jack so you can use your own headphones with it. It costs around 3k.


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wait for s9-HD it has srs wow HD


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used s9 with n73 and n82 ... bought it without bill for 2.2k some time ago ..initially , i thought it sounded as good as my ep 630 ..but later it was no good ..ep 630 is way better .. also not sure whethere s9 has mic inbuilt .. cos while making calls with s9 , the people on the other end complained abt my voice loss for making calls it was not that good ..

the advantages of s9 are, its not noticable when ur wearing it ..and the comfort of using it in crowded places like trains etc ..and u can change tracks, volume, play pause etc with it as well .no need to reach for the phone but sound quality is not that great ..
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