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Sony announces Xperia L and SP mid range droids



SP is not gonna be priced at 20-21k because there is another phone coming to fill that space with S4 dual krait 1.5ghz and Adreno 225 GPU. :)

Also don't forget Xperia SP is powered by Adreno 320 GPU. So performance wise it blows the S3/Note2/LG F7 out of the water ;)

SL is already out of production

Can you say the approximate launch date of that 21k phone..?

Vignesh B

Wow, these look awesome. Samsung can learn a lot about design from these guys.

BTW any sony sound engine used?
In today's date isn't the Wolfson's audio chip(WM1811A) the better one? It is the same chip that powers the the galaxy s3, note 2 & now s4, also some synths like the Clavinova series. Apple uses Cirrus logic chip, but I find the former one to be more balanced throughout. Sony's home-made chip comes third in "my" list.

I know you asked about the engines, and I went saying about the chipset! :p
Xperia SP ....beautiful ....looks nice...
Xperia l is also good but has a adreano 305 gpu...read some reviews that it not so powerful...less powerful than adreano 225...:(


Really amazing how far cpu tech has advanced in 1 year.

17k 'lower mid range' is more powerful than any phone in the 20-26k bracket currently. It annihilates Xperia S/SL and is almost as powerful as HTC One X/ LG Optimus 4X HD:p


Long Live Gojira!
SP's 20k?! Darn, it's teh bezt fone! Definitely a great buy.

I hope Sony gets back it's lost fame. They deserve it. Japs deserve it.


Judgement Time!!
I seriously doubt SP will be priced at 20K...i am guessing about 28-30K tbh with that specs..however if they do it price it at 21K...holy crap..am buying one then... :wink:


LOL who said SP is 21k :p

SP MRP will be same as Xperia P last year - Rs. 26490. So street price of around 23.5-24k. And if you look at the specs, it handily smokes Galaxy S3/Htc One X+ :wink:

L MRP will be 17990 or 18990 Rs. Street price could be anywhere between 16.5-17.5k. The L too is super powerful. The next more expensive phone to beat it performance wise is Lg Optimus 4X HD/Htc One X. And even those are not much faster. :D


See this ^

Xperia L(Adreno 305) vs Xperia S (Adreno 220) vs Xperia T (Adreno 225) vs HTC One X (Tegra 3) GPU performance comparison

L is on par with T and One X and even betters them in many due to the resolution advantage

P.S. Please don't say Lumia 620 cuz it's not an Android phone

WOW!!! Look at these pics. SP is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous


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