1. Vyom

    Query about RX 480 and MSI Gaming App functionality

    So its been about 2 months I am enjoying my RX 480 GPU. (Ma 1st eva gpu), and I had this query for quite some time. So I am throwing this out here, in a hope that someone knows the answer. My GPU supports 3 modes of operation. 1316 MHz / 8100 MHz (OC Mode) 1303 MHz / 8000 MHz (Gaming Mode) 1266...
  2. G

    Samsung sm-g361h soft bricked!!! Pls help!

    So I wanted to root my Galaxy Core Prime When my brother touched the power plugin during the Process. So Now I'm stuck on a message saying "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & Try again." I get FAIL! message everytime I do something and FRP message in...
  3. G

    Galaxy S5 black screen problem and the phone doesn't turn on

    To fix this problem i tried to downgrade the firmware from android 6.0 to 5.0 via Odin 3 vs 3.11.1 but now the phone's blue led and left soft key only turns on. the phone doesn't start and not even charge.even after downloading the stock rom to phone. only the download mode appears recovery...
  4. S

    Nokia Lumia 520 Flight Mode issue

    Unable to turn off flight mode in Nokia Lumia 520 Tries resetting the phone. Tried software recovery still unable to turn off flight mode.
  5. R

    Dell U2515H Problems

    Hello friends , I recently bought Dell U2515H directly from Dell India website . But facing some weird problem with it. Problems are :- On mDP to DP cable (Came with Monitor.) 1. Blinking. Like this :- * .But the frequency of blinking is more...
  6. ico

    Firefox 42 launches with Tracking Protection

    Source: Firefox 42 Launches With Tracking Protection In Private Browsing Mode | TechCrunch
  7. D

    Inverter (Urgent)

    For PC (500W PSU + Dell ST2220L monitor + belkin N150) and 4 CFL around 30W, pure sine wave with UPS mode (cos not using PC UPS anymore) What is the required VA/W rating for Inverter, battery for backup minimum 2hrs
  8. cute.bandar

    I Fixed GPS problem in new Phone, not sure why/how it worked though..

    So I got this new phone for myself : ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Price in India - Buy ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Blue 4 Online - ZTE : - zte grand quad lite Its great in all respects, except the gps was giving me major pain. Just would not connect to any satellite. Had a forever searching...
  9. patkim

    Vaio - USB Mouse prevents standby mode

    I have Vaio VPCYB15AG with Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit. The laptop does not get into standby mode despite idle time reached when USB mouse is connected to it. Is this behavior 'by design' for laptops or a software/hardware bug? Remove the mouse and it goes to standby mode after specified idle time.
  10. avichandana20000

    LENOVO A7000...Mobile Data issue

    Bought this Mobile from flipkart Flash Sale. Everything is working fine. No heating issuer at all. Inserted New Aircel 3g SIM in slot 1 that supports LTE/WCDMA/GSM with a 2g Pack. Now when i am starting Mobile Data in the status bar The Letter "E" is not appearing. I have not done...
  11. patkim

    some queries abt UEFI

    Am bit confused about UEFI and Windows Install and have some noob questions. Did some reading on net but it only adds to confusion! If I wish to build a PC that has UEFI, do we get mobos that have UEFI instead of BIOS Various mobo vendors that use terms like 3D BIOS, Click 4 BIOS etc are...
  12. Niilesh

    Windows won't boot after bsod

    The problem I see the manufacturer logo then it gets stuck on a black screen. what happened i was watching a movie then suddenly i got a bsod after my laptop just won't boot. I am 90% sure bsod was BSOD - Driver Power State Failure i have tried Booting into safe mode - doesnt...
  13. G

    Cleaning and Maintenance of HP Pavilion DV6-6165tx

    It has been three years since my purchase of DV6-6165tx laptop. It was doing good in its initial stage (good battery life, low temperature during gaming, fast booting etc.) but now it is working too slow!! The temperature reaches 90+C during gaming (in Performance mode of HP Coolsense) and 80C...
  14. adityak469

    Anyone has a Nokia C2-01?

    My mom's Nokia C2-01's display broke and all the contacts were in it. Its on mass storage rather than Ovi Suite mode so I cant backup the contents. Can anyone help me to change the mode to Ovi Suite by guiding me through the clicks ?
  15. snap

    New Nintendo IP 'Splatoon'

    Splatoon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Game looks real fun, wish it was for pc too... Splatoon - Story Mode: Level 5 Floating Sponge Garden Splatoon - Splat Zones Muiltplayer Gameplay Splatoon - Story Mode, Splat Zones, Online, & more!
  16. ssk_the_gr8

    1GB RAM Windows 8.1 Tablets. Performance?

    As mentioned in the topic, I am interested to know how these 1 gb ram tablets perform? Both in desktop mode and modern UI mode? Do they lag a lot? How is the gaming on it(App store games)? even with heavy games like fifa 14 for tablets? Please post your experiences
  17. N

    Should I RMA my Mobo?

    Okay, So for a month I was using my 4x2GB ram sticks in single channel mode. Today, I opened up my case for cleaning and switched the RAMs to Dual Channel mode. DDR3_1 & DDR3_2(Both Gray in color) The PC boots up for 10 seconds, Shut downs, again boots up and is stuck in a reboot...
  18. R

    Can corsair cx 430v2 handle HD 6870

    Hi, I have an option to purchase a used ASUS HD 6870 graphics card. will my pc handle it. Right now i am using 960T (quad core mode) Name some old gen (i want used ones) card that can handled by SMPS: Requirements: Full HD gaming at playable frame rate. Thanks
  19. Flash

    Escape Dead Island

    Anybody playing this game? It's like playing Dead Island in third person mode with less rpg elements, but playing in third person mode is fun. Moreover, it got a cell-shaded feature to make the gameplay interesting.. k1KtygueO_g Btw, This is the first Dead island game in the series that is a...
  20. webgenius

    DSLR newbie: Looking for help

    Hi guys, I bought a Nikon D5200 last week with 15-55mm kit lens and 8GB class10 SDHC card with camera bag. I have never used a DSLR before, but interested in enhancing my photography skills. Need your help with these questions (please don't laugh at these questions, I'm too new to DSLRs)...
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