1. Alex Wood

    Software to Install Drivers

    Is there any software that install all drivers in any laptop by detecting its configuration without internet connection? If any available the please share its link here so i can download it.
  2. Flash

    NASA Just Released a Bunch of Its Software for Free

    NASA has just released its 2017-2018 software catalogue, and everything is available for free download, without any royalty or copyright fees. This is the third time NASA has released such a compilation as part of its Technology Transfer Program. The catalogue includes a tonne of software...
  3. patkim

    Looking for Software to tweak certain settings in Windows 8/10

    I am looking for a software that can tweak certain settings from security perspective on Windows 8 or 10. Long back on Windows XP I found a software called Customizer XP that could tweak certain settings but I am not sure if it would work well on Windows 8 & 10 as there’s a huge difference...
  4. B

    Use a password to login when FF is opened after reboot

    Hi Guys, I save my passwords for my different accounts in FF in my home computer so that it auto logins whenever I open a particular site. Is there a way to make FF ask for a password for atleast once after it is opened after a reboot? Is there any specific software or extension for the same...
  5. patkim

    Any software to compare pre & post install snapshots of directories?

    I need to make a specific directory comparison of the same root directory say C:\Program Files before & after a specific program installation. Is there any such software available to do comparison like this? I.e. software should take a first snapshot of a root directory, then I install my...
  6. omega44-xt

    Need Internet monitoring software

    After using unlimited internet connection for several years, now I'm at a place with limited usage internet. My laptop has Win10 which is best in terms of data over-exploitation. I need a software for monitoring bandwidth usage on app basis with facility to block apps from internet usage (any...
  7. Desmond

    KDE completes 20 years.

    Source: Happy 20th Birthday, KDE |
  8. G

    Backup Software for Creating an Image of the HDD?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some software that can create an Image of the External HDD's data so in the case of need I can restore that image, also Please tell for the 2 TB hdd, How much space is required for the Image file on the another HDD? Regards, GEEK_LEARNS
  9. B

    Battery checking software

    Hi Guys, Is there any good software which can check the health of laptop's battery? Thanks
  10. J

    Which Graphic Editing software you use on your Desktop for Image manipulation

    Which is good graphic editing application that new user can use for basic image editing and touch up's. I heard about Adobe Photoshop. But it is paid and you can only use this for 30 days as official trial version. Which is best alternative to adobe photoshop as free software
  11. J

    HWmonitor shows exact core temps of PC hardware?

    Hey guys I recently come to know about hardware temperature monitor software for desktop. And friend of mine suggest me to install hw monitor software for viewing the hardware temperature of PC. I want to know is HWmonitor is good enough to show me exact temp of the core or should I install...
  12. B

    Change/Hide mac etc. from network

    Hello Friends, Is there any good software that can change system's(pc/laptop) name, mac id, adapter name and other info from being viewed from some network analyzer software or from the modem's page? Thanks
  13. S

    Need software recommendation - file transfer

    I'm volunteering for a non-profit organization based in Chicago that collects community support for global initiatives through the collection of digital signatures and related supporter created profiles & data. We often have to transfer large files, more than several gigabytes, to organizations...
  14. K

    Free softwares

    Hi guys, I want to delete files folders(including on external hardisk) and everything safely. Which is best free software for the purpose? I want to zip and unzip files. The software should support maximum capacity of files,folder,.etc. Which is best and free?
  15. stellar

    audio device is disabled

    I scan the pc with driver update software and it updated the realtek audio driver since then i am getting "audio device is disabled". no audio is heard i uninstalled the driver software and did uninstall and reinstall the audio driver but same problem. I searched in the net also but couldn't...
  16. E

    [For Sale] Bitdefender Security Solutions for sale

    Anybody interested in Bitdefender antivirus plus/internet security/total security 2016 3PC 1 year.Authentic software and reasonable price.Ping me for details with your requirements.
  17. B

    Easy to use cheque printing software

    Hi Guys, What's the best and easy to use cheque printing software? There are MANY free softwares available online, I have tried a few of them but some needs to be synced with Tally or some other accounting softwares and the others need first to create a company and accounting stuff like that...
  18. P

    Any canvas labtab 1 and/or 2 user ??

    I have question, that - can I install desktop software(like download maneger)on sd card not windows apps ? thanks
  19. M

    Tensorflow - Google AI software

    Hi, anybody has tried the tensorflow software from google ? any possibility of installing docker on 32bit pc ? Regards Ram
  20. K

    Any free software for password protecting external drive?

    Hi Guys, I have got a foreign made external MINI STATION hard disk, the details of it is given below. The password software for the above, given on the seller’s own website on the net, does not work. So, I would like to install a FREE SOFTWARE which should enable me to lock and unlock the...
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