Sigh. I think SIfy blocked IRC.

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IRC doesn't work on any client on my Ubuntu box (No it doesnt on Windows either) . Any alternative methods to bypass this problem? Ive been looking for a CGI alternative but can't seem to find an alternative.

Oddly enough I managed to connect after using port number 8002. I found that you can use the site also.
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@QWERTY:write a small HOWTO on using IRC on Linux.I and others needs it :p
the different clients used like xchat-gnome etc.


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How's this guide?
1. Install xchat from your package manager
2. Start xchat
3. In the nick name text box, type your nick name
4. Select Freenode as the server
5. Click on edit.
6. In 'channels to join' type #digit
7. Select autoconnect to this network on start up
8. Click on close
9. Click on connect
10. Get a jug full of tea/coffee
11. Sit back and enjoy
If you want all those pretty smleys then go for pidgin or opera.
If you want something that can be connected from anywhere in the world then install openssh-server, screen and irssi/*****X/circe/etc.


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@mehulved, 10. Wouldn't a beer suffice? ;)

[..not that we're getting any deep discussions..most of them idle anyway:rolleyes: ]


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We FOSS users have clean habits :p ;)
@mehulved:I meant those commands that we use in text based clients etc.
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