1. JojoTheDragon

    Don't Starve (Together)

    I searched, and didn't find any thread related to this awesome gem. Please merge of another thread already exists. I managed to survive a max of 20 with Willow. How about you guys ?
  2. tkin

    Suggest Gaming Keyboard @3k

    Today I managed to do something that I had dreaded for years, I spilled some tea on my Logitech G110KB, it malfunctioned first, I managed to clean the keys but some liquid got stuck inside and caused issues, so I opened to clean it up and while trying to separate the printed circuits I managed...
  3. sahil1033

    HDD not showing in My Computer !!

    Bought a new Seagate 2 TB, installed it, tried to full format it but a message box displayed "windows was unable to format your drive" and HDD drive was not even showing up in 'disk managment' restarted PC, drive was showing and again tried to do the same and the same thing happened. So, finally...
  4. D

    Help needed for OCWCD ...

    Hii all, I am planning to give OCWCD 5 in Sep. Please can anyone guide as to how he/she had prepared for this, Preparing for OCWCD is proving to be quite frustrating as there is a llot of stuff to cram :( ... Please tell how you managed to do it and what dumps if any you used and how much of...
  5. pegasus

    ASUS 1156 Overclocking Championship

    Found this while browsing through XS Seems like a lot of big guys may be participating in this. Anyone from here? ASUS 1156 OVERCLOCKING CHAMPIONSHIP Coming Soon.. - XtremeSystems Forums ASUS 1156 Overclocking Championship p.s. there is a weekly lucky draw too. Thinking of trying my luck, if...
  6. NewsBytes

    Geek + Nokia N900 = Mac OSX on mobile!

      While you're still figuring out how to get your Hackintosh up and running, here's someone who's actually managed to get Mac OSX running on the Nokia N900!     There is truly nothing a geek cant accomplish once their minds are set on it. Using a version of the PearPC emulator compiled...
  7. soumya

    Multitask game.

    Post your highest scores! :) I have just about managed to get to 59 :(
  8. NewsBytes

    Hackers get over 10,000 Hotmail passwords, leak them over the Internet!

    If you have a Hotmail or Windows Live account, you had better go check it right away. Hackers have managed to get a hold of thousands of Hotmail passwords and posted it online, so we strongly suggest you first log in to your account and change the password before doing anything else right now...
  9. Coool

    yay!! i managed to create a thread!!

  10. A

    Intel's Upcoming Core i7 975 3.33GHz Benchmarked

    Intel's Upcoming Core i7 975 3.33GHz Benchmarked Fugger gets the first honours It seems like Intel is getting one step closer to unleashing its second Extreme Edition Core i7 processor within the near future, as well known overclocker Fugger has posted some early benchmarks and...
  11. prasad_den

    Installed openSUSE 11.... need some guidance..!

    Hi all, After a very long time, I finally said bye-bye to my windows XP Pro SP3, and instead have installed openSUSE 11 in its place, along with Vista in a dual boot config.. Installation was a breeze.. it did get a little tricky at the partitioner level though. After some trial and error, I...
  12. yesh1683

    AMD's New low end Graphic card HD4670

    The Radeon HD 4670 is priced at $79, It beats 9500GT which costs $65 But falls Just behind 9600 GT which costs $100 In crysis it managed to beat 9600 GT upto 1920x1200 by 3FPS at 2560x1600 9600GT beats by 3FPS Some Reviews
  13. desiibond

    Microsoft lies to XP users—and they start to love Vista LOL. this again proves that Vista failure talk is created by media and not by end-users. In about two weeks, Redmond has managed to turn a marketing idea into something that may...
  14. FilledVoid

    Sigh. I think SIfy blocked IRC.

    IRC doesn't work on any client on my Ubuntu box (No it doesnt on Windows either) . Any alternative methods to bypass this problem? Ive been looking for a CGI alternative but can't seem to find an alternative. Oddly enough I managed to connect after using port number 8002. I found that you can...
  15. iMav

    Legalized Blu-ray, HD DVD Copying Coming Soon

    One of the biggest arguments against digital rights management (DRM) is that it restricts users from doing what they wish with the media for which they’ve paid. For owners of high-definition movie players, such restrictions may soon be a little lighter. The Advanced Access Content System...
  16. abhi.eternal

    How do I use Windows Cardspace?

    Can anyone tell me how to use Windows Cardspace. I would like to know how to use it as a private card as well as a managed card. Please provide details if possible.
  17. S

    XP in Russian

    Hey, i just formatted my laptop and re-installed Windows XP professional. Well the prob is, that the cd i had was for some reason in russian, i mean the whole boot setup (the blue part of the installation), since i've done it a few times i knew where to do what and managed to get the windows...
  18. Jags

    help: lookin for C/C++ sites ??

    hi I have decent theoretical knowledge in c/c++ and i need to furnish my programming skills..for that i need some questions OR source codes starting from a VERY basic level (say: display all even nos. from 1-1000) to the advanced level (say: file handling). although I have managed to lay...
  19. forever

    Trackmania Help

    there r these few maps like I9 and all where i get stuck and dont know where to go, so is there like any helper on this game or any place i culd get info of how to play this game well, i know there r forums but they genrally dont tell how to play better, so is there like a tutorial on this game...
  20. Deep

    Take a look INSIDE Xbox 360

    Guys over at Anandtech made it possible..yes..No kidding...they were managed to open the xbox 360 and managed to look inside the console. Great it on AnandTech with pics: Deep
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