1. savithk

    AMD Phenom II X2 555 alternative Heatsink

    i have AMD Phenom II X2 555 with default Heatsink ...iam look for new alternative Heatsink for better cooling ....please guys any suggestion ...???
  2. TheHumanBot

    Alternative to Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro or other Under Rs. 1500

    Hi, I was going to buy Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro from mi Indians site but before I do, product is now out of stock. so Please help me out to buy a earbuds like this one any other Alternative to Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro or any other that comes under Rs. 1500 budget. Thanks. :serious_NF:
  3. F

    Alternative to google forms

    Scenario A person has to claim expenses he made, so he fills out these columns for multiple items Item Name Rate (in Rupees) Quantity After that all his items are displayed and he can seen Total amount. Then he submits the data First I went to google forms but I couldn't find a way...
  4. B

    Sending anonymous emails

    Hi, If a person wants to expose corrupt practices in some government department, then are these sites reliable Send Anonymous Email Send Anonymous Emails: 20 Sites To Keep Your Identity Hidden - Hongkiat Send Anonymous Email -...
  5. S

    Xperia Z4 Tablet India Launch

    Any news on Xperia Z4 Tablet India launch? Seems to be a good alternative to my Ipad 3.
  6. Faun

    Bloatware and the alternatives

    I reinstalled windows 8.1 pro and setting it up with less bloat. Bloatware I have identified so far: 1. Adobe Flash Alternative: Switched to HTML5 videos in firefox. But still had to install it for other sites. Why it is a bloatware ? It's slow and the constant update service notifications...
  7. The Conqueror

    Corsair 430v2 vs Antec VP450P Noisev level

    Which of the two PSUs produce the least noise? Is there any other alternative within 3K? Config: i5 4400 12 GB RAM DDR3 Onboard graphics
  8. Skyh3ck

    Wifi Range Extendeer or alternative to use in Two house in same locality !!!

    Hello Guys Currently i am using TP Link TL-WR841IN 300 Mbps modemat my home. I have two house in same location just within 30 feet away. The Router is installed in one house and i want to use the wifi in my other house also. I am getting signal in my second house upto till some few feet, but...
  9. Flash [403 - Forbidden: Access is denied]

    So, whenever i tries to open the site - it shows ACCESS IS DENIED. Online proxies are the only way to visit the site. Anyone is having the same problem? Any other alternative ways to visit the site?
  10. savithk

    mac mini alternative

    i want to buy mac mini alternative <windows PC > version ...please give any suggestion
  11. ithehappy

    Nokia 1200 alternative at current market?

    My six years old Nokia 1200 is almost dying, it's my tertiary phone and the battery is almost dead. So need to buy an alternative. What's there? Nokia 108? Call quality is extremely important (just fine won't do, it has to be great, like 1200 if not better), as well as build quality, nothing...
  12. deepak_ds

    need alternatives for matlab

    OS: UBUNTU 14.04 I need a software for simulation as in MATLAB in windows. I found the alternative for programming.
  13. Chetan1991

    What's the best Windows Explorer alternative?

    Occasionally Windows Explorer on my laptop starts to consume 25% processing power and the fan goes in overdrive, and system to heat up, for apparently no reason. What could be the reason of this? What's the best alternative to explorer with great integration, features, stability and...
  14. M

    Medcinies at concessional rate for a needy family?

    Well i know a family where the lady suffers from kidney trouble.Monthly she needs to take 3 injections of Erythropoietin(10000 iu) (Generic name)(Its a very high dosage) plus atleast 8 oral medicine daily.Its almost 4000 to 5000 medical expense.But family earns around 8000 .They take Vintor...
  15. Nexus

    Blackberry Q5???

    Guys I am looking for a phone which will be good for Office Use like Emails, Texting and Whatsapp and better battery life. Screen size, cams, apps ecosystem are not the features I am looking for. For other usages like FB and all I have Galaxy S4. Hows BB Q5? And do it supports FM Radio bcoz S4...
  16. S

    Sharing single monitor

    Plan to share my single monitor to "Two" cpus by using this product High Resolution 2port VGA switch 2 in 1 vga sharer Is this ok or any other alternative available ?
  17. I

    Help - Alternative to Desktop Unit

    Hello Friends, I have seen in BSNL offices and in some Banks, a small unit in place of our normal Desktop CPU Unit, which is connected to peripherals like Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. They were using it just like an independent computer and this unit was obviously connected over LAN. The...
  18. shreeux

    How to find SONY TV alternative chip (IC-INTEGRATED CIRCUIT)?

    My SONY TV not power on due to power supply board short part is not available in market that is D609 IC, so how find alternative ic for same or where to buy ....if any web link please suggest...
  19. funkysourav

    Alternative to BSA Photon EX bicycle in about 4-5k

    I am riding a BA Photon EX Bicycle for the last four years, Its a great Hybrid/Urban bicycle which picks up speeds without much effort. Now after 4 years of use, the bike is showing signs of wear and tear as I average around 10 Kms a day. Is there any alternative to BSA Photon within 4-5k...
  20. M

    3D - What are the Exact requirements for AMD's HD3D?

    Ever since watching some 3D movies in theatres,I've always wondered whether it can be done on a PC?I know about NVIDIA's Sterescopic 3D vision but looking around for AMD's answers to this has drawn a blank.I read a bit about AMD's HD3D,seems like it requires a third party driver (iZ3D) with...
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