1. Nanducob

    Music Player that isn't Poweramp?

    I am tired of Power amp, did not like the interface even after using for 2-3 years.Any paid app that you find good?
  2. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Gaming laptop for 60k

    Guys what laptop for 60k gaming? i can't seem to find anything nice. any recommendations? TY
  3. M

    Best laptop for 55k for Photo editing

    Hello, I have a budget of 55k and need to buy a laptop for Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC. Can you help me find one. Thanks, Mandar
  4. sushovan

    KZ ATE Buying Advice

    After going through a lot of options for an IEM under 1K I have zeroed in on KZ ATE. But the ways of getting it seems too few in India as I could only find this Knowledge Zenith ATE HiFiNage Indi . Can this site be trusted ? [ Aliexpress is not an option since I need it within this week itself ]
  5. ssb1551

    Cheapest 24" Monitor with more than 100Hz refresh rate

    Hi Digitians, I am back again with a trivial query haha but couldn't find any such threads. I couldn't find any 24" monitor with more than 100Hz refresh rate cheaper than this : Buy AOC G2460PQU 24" Ultra Fast Gaming Monitor 144Hz VGA, DVI-Dual Link, DisplayPort, HDMI...
  6. ax3

    quake 1 & 2 !!!

    hi, recently in which months dvd has demo games like quake, quake 2 etc ??? just cant find it ... would like to play them again ... thanx
  7. K

    How to find out?

    Hi Guys, How to find out the place in which the drivers of USB stick, USB WIFI MODEM, MOBILE have been installed and how to uninstall them?
  8. M

    Replacement fan for my Graphics Card

    I have a XFX Radeon HD5750 which has a wobbly fan. I have scoured the internet for a replacement fan, but cannot find one at a reasonable price. This is the picture of the graphics card: I live in Kolkata. Can anyone tell me where I can find a fan or cooling solution at a reasonable price...
  9. quicky008

    Advice needed on choosing the right career path for a friend.

    There's a friend of mine who happens to be a MCA graduate and is nearly 30 years old.He aspired to be a software developer,but after completing his mca in 2015 he was finding it difficult to get any jobs in this field,so he decided to undertake a course in php development from a shady kolkata...
  10. X

    Extension Cable for F&D F6000

    Hello people i've been using f&d f6000 for a year now, And i am quite happy with it. I am planning to shift the speaker to little bigger room. How do i choose an extension wire for the rear speakers? What is wire gauge for this home theater. I cannot find the gauge information in User manual i...
  11. lywyre

    Is this site for free Jio 4G SIM authentic?

    I got this link as a forward in WhatsApp. I instinctively know it is a suspicious/ malicious link. I can't even find WhoIs details for the same or any other link/reference from reliance's site. Did not get any Google results also regarding this promo. However, I can't find any evidence on the...
  12. mohityadavx

    MS Word - Find and select all string of simlar pattern

    I want to find and select all strings of a particular kind in a word document. The strings are of this format FileList('S-20160302-103416-PERFORMA','Perfroma LST-1-0230316','U00729541','MJH72300DL1996PLC075672','T21') FileList('S-20160302-103416-PERFORMA','Perfroma...
  13. D

    Where can I find Custom Liquid Cooling Parts in India?

    Hey there! I am looking to create a new rig and I definitely want to go for a custom liquid cooled rig. Where can I find Custom Liquid Cooling Parts in India? I am not sure if they are available here. Will the costs increases drastically if I need to import them? I will appreciate your help...
  14. B

    Sort files number wise

    Hi Guys, How to sort some excel files in ascending or descending order? I am not able to find any option in Choose Details thing. What should I do? Thanks
  15. NiGHtfUrY

    Upgrading Ram Queries.

    Hey Guys The time has come for me too upgrade my 4gb Ram to a 8gb ram (4GBX2). Right now i own a Gskill ripjaws X 4gb ram stick. 1)Now the maIn thing that i am worried about is that should i go with the EXACT same model? Do i have to find a ram stick with the same frequency and cas latency...
  16. truegenius

    where to find amul sagar skimmed milk powder in delhi

    well my question is so small that even the title says it all :3 where can i find "amul sagar skimmed milk powder" in delhi ? i am planning to use it to fulfil my protien needs as its mrp is rs320 per kg with 35% protien so it is the cheapest way to get quality protien and 10 times cheaper...
  17. M

    Asus Zenfone Glass replacement

    Hi guys. Long story short, My Asus Zenfone 4 A400CG's glass has broken down. just the glass, the touch is working fine. please suggest what to do. thanks in advance. P. S. I couldn't find any forum for Mobile parts or such, so i'm posting here. Mods, please move this thread to the...
  18. A

    Selfie Stick for RX100

    Looking for a good selfie stick for my camera (Sony RX100), all i could find are selfie sticks for mobile phones :(. Please suggest :)
  19. P

    GTX 970 OC Custom Cooling, Help needed!

    I have a reference GTX 970 ( Products :: Gainward GeForce® GTX 970 ) and would really like to overclock. But the reference cooler could not handle the heat when OC'ed. I would a custom GPU cooler but could not find any in India. Digitians plz help me find the best cooling for my graphics card...
  20. Ironman

    I Cannot Find my Digit Subscription Code.

    I dont know where my digit subscription code is .... how do i find it ? where is it written ? HELP
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