"Shut Down ur PC"---sure...but WHY???????

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Since we first touched the computer, we were told one rule-----"Shut Down the computer wen u r finished working on it!":(

But i want to know---why should we?? What happens if we simply switch off the main power switch(( or kill the power----as it happens wen there is loadsheddin or sumthing like dat & u don't have a UPS)) widout shutting down????:confused:

Hey please don't say "u will lose ur unsaved work":rolleyes:...i know that...i want to know wat actually happens to my computer wen i don't shut it down!!!


Some important system file might get corrupted making your computer unusable until you repair the OS. When you shutdown your computer using shutdown option, the OS saves all the open files on the disk before terminating all the services running on your pc.


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you will lose the settings you have applied on your last login in whatever application you used on windows
this includes the playlist in winamp, the volume settings, the windows explorer settings etc.


If you use the main power button too often, you will end up with a corrupted and unusable hard disk.


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the power to ur system is regulated by ic in the motherboard. shutting down simply shuts down ur cpu n processor fan which is indicated to them by motherbrd. if u directly cut off power supply, mothrbrd wont knw tat. i.e power regulation fails.

wat culd happen.?.. ur motherbrd ic could gt damaged, or ur processor may stop functioning properly... or any other hardware failure.

power fluctuations affect a lot to ur system n affects badly. so always use UPS. else u r slowly killing ur system..


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Every time there is erratic power down , the needle on the harddrive doenst get to settle on the safe zone.
Harddisk get thrashed most whenever there is power outrage.
Moreever windows saves someof the system files in the temp ram memory and there is a huge chance of it getting corrupted.


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The worst thing that can happen is that your hard disk can get damaged. In case of a normal shutdown, any changes are written to the disk and the disk heads are parked at the proper location as the disk spins down. In case of a power outage, this procedure cannot occur and hence there is a high possibility of disk failure if this happens regularly.
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