1. S

    When I will get the magazine

    Hi folks, I have subscribed for 3 month full pack trail version from july to sept. I don't know wen I will get the magazine. please someone tell me when I will get the magazine exactly. Thanks in advance Karthick
  2. vito scalleta

    explorer.exe restart in win 8.1

    Hello guys. I recently bought a samsung evo 120gb and and replaced the ODD in my laptop with it. I migrated the OS on my C: to the SSD using the samsung migration tool provided with it. and i did not format the OS on my C: . I just changed the boot order from my BIOS and booted into the ssd...
  3. clinton

    Need A new Portable Drive..

    Hello friends,I ve been thinking of buying a new Portable drive for quite sum time now & I must say I'd nvr expected d prices to be so swirling.Just a month back I'd inquired at Vashi the price was 4700 for d WD MY Passport 1TB and I was relieved to c dat d prices were finally receding after...
  4. clinton

    Need a new Portable Drive

    Hello friends,I ve been thinkin of buyin a new Portable drive for quite sum time now & I must say I'd nvr expected d prices to be so swirling.Just a month back I'd inquired at Vashi the price was 4700 for d WD MY Passprt 1TB and I was relieved to c dat d prices were finally recedin after so...
  5. C

    Low Write Speeds with Sata Samsung Dvd Writer

    Hi, I purchased a Sata Dvd Writer - Samsung SH-S223F around 2months ago. Used it a to burn a few dvd's/cd's and all was fine. but just the day b4 wen i used it to write a dvd at 8x speed and another at 16x speed both the times it took almost an hour to burn the dvd. The writing took...
  6. nix

    shoe thrown toward chinese premier in UK-detailed article

    source:associated press, http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iC0lWaABkp1FcBZSBb-sJNsWvMOQD964B29G0 i must say, this guy is very brave. thank god he didnt do that in china. both indians and americans have something to learn from this incident-nothing can beat the patriotism of...
  7. garfield_56

    "Shut Down ur PC"---sure...but WHY???????

    Since we first touched the computer, we were told one rule-----"Shut Down the computer wen u r finished working on it!":( But i want to know---why should we?? What happens if we simply switch off the main power switch(( or kill the power----as it happens wen there is loadsheddin or sumthing...
  8. Y

    ubuntu 8.04 reinstallation problem

    hi m new to ubuntu n my problem is that i had my system with hardy running but problem came when i tried reinstall due a problem in the windows partition. wen i try to reinstall it goes fine up to the manual partition stage but after that wen i click install button it goes back to the partition...
  9. speedyguy

    HP notebook backlight problem

    i hv a tablet pc...ts supposed 2have a dim screen wen runnning on battery n full backlight wen on plugged in supply.....but since a couple f days i observed ts alwez showin a dim screen n thrs no change wen i plug in out the power supply..... is it a hw issue or sw.??? thanx Enjoy~!
  10. S

    Random beeps comin from motherboard

    i neeed help folks..1st of all my comp makes this 9 beeps wen i start...like "bip bip bip pause bip bip bip pause bip bip bip" lol..i had to say this way..and also in between wen i browse or something..it keeps makin 1 single beep ..no idea wats happenin...i cheked all temperatures.and alls...
  11. amitash

    dell sp2008wfp problem

    hi i just got this new monitor the dell sp2008wfp...its plugged in correctly and everything but wen i tur my comp on the screen just stays blank and it only lights up wen it boots into windows vista...i cant see any of my startup screens and i cannot access the bios...help!!
  12. amitash

    Ipod showing wrong space

    HI my friend just got a video ipod classic 80GB in which he stored 20gb of songs and video from itunes in his comp.He can to my house to get some stuff and wen he connected his ipod to my comp itunes said it "cannot read ipod".So we disconnect the ipod and i see that all his data has been...
  13. amitash

    yet another crysis problem

    HI i just got my new cad and was playin crysis with it all high very smooth gameplay...i was at the part wen u haveto destroy the anti aircraft guns...i saved the gam and quit,shut down my comp after i tried playing again after rebooting the game crashes after 2mins of play and not at the same...
  14. 100.dx

    help help plsss help help

    in my bsnl order's section it shows Order Status - Future Dated wht is thi means? an wen i check my usage for apr2008 it shows no usage found for this month wht is all story is? i giv app to bsnl last month for plan change 900UL and yet i cant get tht my plan is change orr not? wen i ask to...
  15. pritish_kul2

    Recovering data

    Is der any way to recover data wen u have already formatted the drive??/
  16. M

    drive letter..

    guys i have a prob.. i have five drives c,d,e,f,g with 2 hard disks c and d in one and e,f and g in the othr one... now day b4 yest i connected another hard disk for few minutes, tht hard disk had two of its own partitions...so..wen i connctd tht hard disk, it took my e and f drive letters for...
  17. the great one

    Cyclic Rundancy Error

    Well my frnd just gave me a dvd burned by him on his system using nero it has 3 movies and lots of softwares. 2 out of the 3 movies are running fine but the 3 one is not running , wen i try 2 run d 3rd movie the system hangs and i hav 2 eject the dvd-rom . Same is the case wid software setup...
  18. fun2sh

    The ~`^' problem

    i use windows vista home premium on my acer 4710 laptop. the problem is that wen i press any of these keys - ~`^' anywhere (where i can type) then those respective symbols dont appear on screen until i press any other key. i tried typing these symbols everywhere be it on this forum reply...
  19. R

    harddisk hardware lock

    can anyone tell me how to remove the hardware password for my hitachi laptop harddisk. i was using a tool called "secureerase" present in the "Ultimate Boot CD" toolkit. halfway through the process i stopped the formatting and now wen im booting from my harddisk its asking for a hardware...
  20. Ganeshkumar

    Could not Log into VISTA! says User info Missing

    Hi all:) :) I could not log into Vista... Wen it logs in it Says User Profile information Missing like that........ and returns back to Welcome screen! I have only one user profile! And Wen i logged into XP and saw the USER FOLDER in Vista Drive... It is empty! Tell me wat shld i...
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