Which company creates better mobile ?

  • Sony Ericson

    Votes: 72 51.8%
  • Nokia

    Votes: 53 38.1%
  • Motorola

    Votes: 14 10.1%

  • Total voters
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Sony Ericsson > Windows Mobiles > Nokia > Motorola.

I currently use a W660i. I like the sound quality that sony phones deliver, and support for a large number of J2ME standards on these latest phones let them run some of the finest software and games. SE phones also rock in speed department, snappiest interface i have ever saw is on my current phone :) Nokia makes good smartphones, provides a lot of options for tinkering with your mobile, and room for upgrading its featurs (that are limited by the software that is). But speed of Nokia mobiles sucks great time! I haven't seen the higher models yet but all their sub 15K models are suckers in terms of interface speed. Sound is better in the N series phones, previously it was like hell, some of the phones like the 3230 were quiet $hit*y in terms of sound, and battery life. Also, programming nokia phones seems quiet difficult for me, may be because i am a .NET developer, But i made and deployed my first application for a windows mobile in less then 10 minutes.
So personally for me, windows mobiles seems to be the best bet, good sound, easily programmable due to .NET support, great screen sizes, good processors etc. My Next phone will be a Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphone. The only limiting factor is their prices, way too high for me. But i think situation is getting better slowly.


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encouraging windows mobile platform will end up with their monopoly in mobile phone segment also :x remember!you wont be enjoying when M$haft been a monopoly on embedded platform also :evil:
get symbian/java or Linux powered phones ppl!
^Yaar just get over it! Whenever somebody says 'Windows' you just pop up with your ugly faced smileys. Businesses will be there no matter you like it or not. And nobody whose doing a business is going to give away their products for free, and they will protect their intellectual property from others in anyway possible. If you have the guts, make yourself your own products and use them. Imagine yourself as a businessman with a company as big as the-one-which-must-not-be-named-in-front-of-you :-D and then tell me you'll sell your products or not.
if you hate the idea of the Business itself then its another thing, but dont forget, Businesses create jobs, that give the largest part of the world's population a living. If a company doesn't earns money, what it will give to its employees.

And as far as monopoly is concerned, Linux is gaining popularity and doing its share in minimizing that monopoly.I my self use Mandriva Linux for personal use, but i dont see any problem in giving money to Microsoft if i need Windows for my work. I am .NET programmer by profession and i chose this platform because of my own liking for it over Java.

What i want to say is use anything but dont make it a religion. Paying for things that other people have put their life's efforts in is not a bad thing at all, if they require you to. This is the way there is balance in this world. Packaged Mineral water sells everywhere for Rs 12-15 to upto rs 50 in hotels, Free water is available in abundance. You can filter it at home and drink it, it will cost less. Still people go for mineral water many a times. Why? coz it has some advantage of availability.

Windows also have the advantage of being in "Market" (give special attention to the word Market) first and thats why they outnumber other OSs. People have developed a habit for working with computers the way it is in Windows. Thats why they have a monopoly. Their monopoly has continued till now because there was no strong contender in the Market before. In future it may happen that Linux or some other OS for that matter gets strong enough and end this monopoly. I will be the happiest person when i would be able to get Windows on a down-to-earth price, or having Linux with the same level of functionality, sophistication and completeness as Windows. But till then, we have to live with the fact.

And believe me, neither the OSS teams nor Microsoft is going to pay me or you for writing these articles. So there is no point taking sides. Use the good things, whichever satisfies your needs. Spread the good words about everything and then let the people choose themselves what they want. That will be the right thing to do.

If i have hurt somebody's sentiments i am extremely sorry but i am fed up of these kind comments on my every post. :-|


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WM has a great reputaion in the market..not only coz its microsoft..its gives the mobile a pc feel to it...There are millions of applications for the Wm platform..much more than symbian..Symbian which is owned to a large extent by nokia is monoploized by nokia usage..WM being a free brand can be used and tinkered by all providers and thus there exists a competiion for the regn of the fittest...the fact that WM hasnt been able to shell out as much interest was due to the hardware constraints provided by the manufacturers...WM is a power hungry device..and companies such as order to lower costs..strangled the such the phone was slow,buggy and HTC implementing RAM hungry applications like Touchflo added to the misery

Now times have changed and the manufacturers are more willing to shell out their best for WM..first comes the X1...with 256 mb , WVGA screen.a 550 MHz processor and a 3 inch touchscreen is sure to blow any symbian phone out there to the follow suit came HTC..with their diamond..boastinf of a 2.8 inch touch screen and VGA screen and built with 192 mb expected are the raphael from HTCand the X2 from SE...when these devices hit the market..owing to sheer strength and beligerence will act as a business phone and a multimedia spearhead..the conjugation of two worlds at one..and the best at that..

But WM shall face a bigger threat..not from symbian..but from linux and android...both these OSes are based on an open source plaform where an user can code their own softwares and run them on their phone..this opens up the world to user expertise and throws open new hrizons for budding programmers,who if been given the oppurtunity may have been renowned themselves...when these peaple come together hands on with peaple from the top will be a battle ranging in the cream of the market...the greatest day for world telephony..


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@Krazzy :What I meant was all the fun and Joy will end once WM will become monopoly.luckily it doesnot.


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@krates...well..i have seen better pics by the W810...
and please dont compare that jewel with that crap n72...slow as scum..the worst phone after the 6600 i have used
@praka: Ya nobody can be a monopoly if there are strong competitors out there. What these new OSs will do, i think is to break Nokia's monopoly soon :) But can't blame Nokia either coz of the same reason. They had the early comer's advantage in OS based smartphones. May be Windows Mobile came before, i dont know, but they were limited for the reasons amd64_man2005 quoted. :)


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lol somebody comparing w810 camera with n72's camera. its like comparing 5 megapixel Chinese phone's camera with n82/k850i camera


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the next comparison will be w810i with moto rockr e6

2.0 MP = 2.0 MP

i have only acess to n72 and moto rockr e6 for now

i will try to get my freind phones for comparison too

and you call W810I a jewel :D my brother calls it


in which he has got stuck :D:D

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