1. krates

    SE vs NOKIA vs MOTO

    somebody in some thread told that he is not able to find se vs nokia fight thread, let me create another thread for him. Please post which phone you like and fight for it (except peep peep things :D) I have nokia n73 and se k810i But i like nokia more !!! Thanks krates
  2. M

    FS:Agp 6200 thats the link for the card all other stuff sold out of TE.... purchased in june 2007..... has 3years warranty mumbai peep price:::1200(personal pick) shipped::1300 out of mahrashtra:1400 shipped have box and original bill
  3. sysfilez

    No display

    Last eve pc was working fine, i had a good session with HL2. When i switched it back on during midnight there was this beep sound "peeeeep peep peep peep" there was no display but then i cud make out the OS is getting loaded with the LED blinking. Pls sugest as to wat cud have possibly go wrong.
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