Which company creates better mobile ?

  • Sony Ericson

    Votes: 72 51.8%
  • Nokia

    Votes: 53 38.1%
  • Motorola

    Votes: 14 10.1%

  • Total voters
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SE in my opinion has nicer interface compared to all nokia phones. Almost all , don't know about N95 and N82. have not seem em.
and gives me walkman, radio, camera, edge, java games 1000s of em, etc. Exactly what i need.
more over it provides the style (w610,w880,w890 ;)) So its SE all the way for me.
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i think nokia phones are not stylish enough as that of moto

moto 3500 rs( moto flip :D) phone looks more cool then nokia 13000 phone ( n73 :D)


Moto > SE > Nokia

I hate Nokia as their OS is TOO SLOW even in high end mobiles and I can't withstand that !!!


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I hate Nokia as their OS is TOO SLOW even in high end mobiles and I can't withstand that !!!

If you compare the speed of a smartphone with that of a regular phone, of course you'll find the former to be slower. But if you'd bother to compare a Nokia S40 phone with any of the SE's, Moto's or Samsung's, then you'll find them to be just as fast.


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^^^sorry..but s40 phones are highly unstable..and random reboots are an order of the day...and i dont agree that s40 phones are just as friends 6 moth 6233 is nowhere close to my 2 year old k750


In the nokia aresnal i'm only attracted to their N95 8GB...i don like any other model of theirs.

SE rules above all!


i wont change a 4 year old nokia with a brand new SE .
the control i have over a Nokia you never achieve with SE .
and Symbian 60v3 worth ten times any operating system SE can provide.


^^^lol..ever heard of symbian UIQ???
and waht control are u talking about??mind explaining??
what you call that rubbish symbian ,who even in his wildest dream can think that Symbian UIQ is comparable with Symbian S60 V3
what control better than that for any thing you want you always can find an S60 program.

by the way who says that SonyEricson processor is faster than Nokia
sony ericson p990 use a 208Mhz processor.while k550 use a 218 MHZ PROCESSOR THE NEW AND FAMOUS K850 use something about 169 mhz or 158 mhz

but a simple Nokia 6630 from the year 2004 use a 220 Mhz processor.
the only thing faster is a pocket pc.

the only thing in sonyericson is better than nokia is the stronger speaker and that's only in W series
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nokia flooded the market :| ..and the id1ots at SE never cared to make their prices lower inorder to compete :evil: still SE got something more attractive to me :p


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but a simple Nokia 6630 from the year 2004 use a 220 Mhz processor.
And still it was unresponsive and hanged..........

Nokia 6630 was my father's 3rd fone. He had previously used Nokia 3660 and 3315......
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Bought a Nokia 3110 Classic few days back, 'coz I couldn't afford an SE :( Why don't they decrease the prices? I voted for SE though :)
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