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Samsung Galaxy SL @ 19500


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yes. The price is awesome. Finally, a sammy with good battery.

compared to SGS:

1. 50MB less RAM
2. gone is the dedicated 2GB ROM but internal memory upped to 16gig.
3. S-LCD in place of S-AMOLED
4. 1650mAh battery


Compared to Galaxy Ace

No flash
16GB internal memory
720p Video recording
Better resolution on a bigger screen
Gorilla glass

I think the lack of flash will just nullify the camera capabilities. Why couldn't Samsung just add a flash & price it 1k higher than this ?

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Okay here is the update:

The Indian version of GSL has 4GB of internal memory instead of 16GB. Check the specs on filpkart.

Also see this:
Samsung to Launch I9003 Galaxy SL in India


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^^ then Defy looks good @ 18k but a slightly smaller screen, slower but OC friendly processor. for updates, XDA.


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Samsung Galaxy SL @ 19500!!! Great! Good buy!

But wait! Its Indian Version! Now its poor buy! :-D


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Whatever they ship the price is okay, not great, coz S-AMOLED is replaced by S-LCD, which is a darn big difference. :)
Looking forward to the SGS II...


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its a good buy
& thus kills the wave sl @17.5
ram shd hv been more
& flash really doesnt mattr
night photos arnt tht great with flash also
unless its a xenon flash


I am going for this as soon as its available

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Really great price. Only the lack of "camera flash" is disappointing.
Well its a glaring omission,but i dont see my self using camera at night.Even if i use, the pics are anyway not gonna be great even with flash. When everyone was saying no flash, i thought no flash in the browser :D. I am glad it is just camera flash.

Awesome pricing from SAMSUNG, MOTO DEFY is dead now


i think. i buy motolola defy in hurry now :-(

but i like compact defy . android 2.1 su*k

Thats OK ANKIT, there will always be better models coming out. I am thankful now coz PUNE didnt get MOTO DEFT as quickly as other cities. Now i will go for SG-SL;)
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how does it compare to wave 2? i mean i maybe buying a handset next week...........but i want to wait for SL though....

any recommendations on a HTC phone under 20k?


In terms of hardware, Wave II is better (except, maybe for the small 4GB internal memory). On the software fron, Android is much ahead of Bada.

No HTC phones under 20k except Wildifire (which is not recommended ATM)
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