Any review on Soundmagic ES19S vs Piston 3 vs Cx 180 II Street ....

    Any review on Soundmagic ES19S vs Piston 3 vs Cx 180 II Street vs Kz ATE vs Ed9 ....?
  2. J

    Best way to obtain parts?

    Hey im building a computer but im having some trouble decinding where to get the part from. For example the mdcomputers site has the i3 4130 for around 7200 rupees which i the cheapest i can find online, but i wonder how much they charge for the shipping because if its more than 50RS for...
  3. isenberg

    anyone into fighting games ?

    Hello everyone...I have bought MKX and wondering if anyone want to play with me... I also have street fighter arcade edition...
  4. H

    Google puts all 12 World Cup stadiums, other parts of Brazil in Street View

    Source: The Verge:Google puts all 12 World Cup stadiums, other parts of Brazil in Street View | The Verge
  5. S

    [Query] Good Shops to Buy from on Ritchie Street??

    Hey All!! I am going to buy the Sapphire HD 7770 from Ritchie Street in Chennai. Would like a few names of trusted/reliable shops. Also the names of shops to avoid. Thanks for Your Time, Shiva
  6. G

    Is it the right time to Buy NOTE 3?

    Hello, to all of you. Actually, I want to buy Note 3, I like to ask, Is it the right time to buy this handset? or in very near time, Are some handsets coming? I also want to say, Please someone update the street price of Note 3.Also please tell for which should I go for Indian or Us? Hope to...
  7. Zangetsu

    Capcom working on new unnamed fighting game

    .:Gaming News:. "Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono has tweeted that the company is looking for a game designer and programmer for an unnamed new fighting game. The development will take place at either the Capcom studio in Tokyo or Osaka." Source: Capcom working on new unnamed fighting...
  8. H

    Anybody following the Civil War V tournament here?

    Trailer for CWV * Games played are: 1. Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition(has a PC release) 2. Persona 4 Arena 3. Street Fighter X Tekken 4. The King of Fighters XIII 5. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 6. Tekken Tag...
  9. gautam_dey66

    Advice required

    Guys I M Thinking Of Buying It. But The Price Is Way Too Much On Flipkart (Not Criticizing It). What I Wanna Know Is Its Street Price... So Help Me... I'll Be Shifting Soon To Vijayawada. Corsair CMPSU-850TXV2UK 850 Watts PSU | Psu |
  10. R

    senneheiser cx-180 street IInd

    Hi everyone.. Thinking to buy a good IEM around a price range of 1.5k Anyone using senneheiser cx-180 street IInd ?? Can u plz provide feedback on how these sound ?? :-)
  11. lethalweaponforever

    Buying a GPU in hyderabad

    Does anyone here know where I can (reliably) buy a GPU in hyderabad/secunderabad. I've just moved here from Chennai and am looking for some 'Ritchie Street' style place here to buy a MSi 6790.. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. vamsi_krishna

    Street Fighter X Tekken Confirmed for PC

    Street Fighter x Tekken producer confirmed the game will be coming to PC. Although the PC release will not be simultaneous to the console release (which is on march,6) Yoshinori Ono confirmed that development of the PC version has already begun. So, what does this make? First ever Tekken...
  13. S

    SSF4 for 400RS

    Buy Super Street Fighter I.V online, Super Street Fighter I.V Price, Reviews @ Indiatimes Shopping. I dont get it is this orginal SSF4 for pc
  14. R

    Extremly Tight Budget System Configuration (Agent 001 & Readers Help!)

    Hello Agent 001 & other Digit Readers/Staff Please help me configuring the system, I'm gonna build/upgrade a system on a extremely tight budget.:neutral: 1. I've currently decided on Intel Pentium Dual Core E5700 (it's a 3.0 GHz. without Hyper-Threading Technology) CPU . Is it a good choice...
  15. sujoyp

    Street Cricket PS2 version

    I want Street cricket which got free with PS2. If someone selling please drop a message here:razz: nobody have it???:?
  16. F

    Somebody suggest a good place to buy graphics cards in Chennai

    Hi, So for some reason graphic cards are very expensive in chennai. I have checked a few ritchie street shops. Hers what i found Saphire 6850 Delta Eectronics -11600 TheITdept - 11510 Other ritchie street shops - 11000 Sapphire 6870 Delta Eectronics -15350 TheITdept - 14385 Other...
  17. coderunknown

    Samsung Galaxy SL @ 19500

    Samsung Galaxy S LCD I9003 - Flipkart. best deal of Q1 2011. it is currently on preorder. means street price will be ~19k or less.
  18. Anubis

    PC Hardware Service Centers in Kolkata

    Zion Abacus Peripherals Bentink Street (beside Orient Cinema) Phone: (033) 3293 2099 Proview CE-171,Sec-1 Salt Lake City Phone: (033) 2321 5742 / 3259 8592 HP (laptop & scanner) 1, Loudan Street, 1st Floor,Vikash Bldg. Phone: (033) 2281 5097 / 3895 / 3897 / 3901 Toll free...
  19. sxyadii

    Street Fighter IV Benchmark Result with ATI HD5850

    I m getting avg of 60FPS in Street Fighter IV My test setup for the benchmark included the following: OS : Window 7 Ultimate 64BIT RTM CPU : Intel C2Q Q6600 2.4GHz Memory : Corsair 3x1GB DDR2 667MHz Ram Graphics Card : Sapphire Radeon HD5850 1GB GDDR5 Display Setting : 1680x1050 60Hz Graphics...
  20. Ethan_Hunt

    Resident Evil 5 Officially announced for PC. Yipppeee!

    Woot! You heard it right. After being tight lipped & dodging all speculation, Capcom has finally announced one of their most anticipated game for this year, Resident Evil 5, coming to PC. :smile: Statement: Source...
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