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Ranveer Singh : S4 Samsung Style


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Haha, this video forced me to share it with you guys. Watch it and you won't stop laughing and loling !



What have i witnessed ????



paisa chahe jitna kama le...lekin rahenge to nachne gane wale hi........

couldnt watch ater 20 seconds...


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God! I couldn't even make it through the whole video.

Edit : I wonder who would be motivated to buy an S4 after seeing this nightmare, especially those who have seen this live.

Double Edit : Even those who buy and S4, it will be a constant reminder of this nightmare and they will be in a constant state of trauma.
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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
It was Reliance who hosted the event, atleast according to the people whom I spoke to. They wanted to take the opportunity to pitch that the phone was available through their service.
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