proper way of searching in the forum....

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Choto Cheeta

Most of the time i post a topic other users gives me a link.... & i find that the question is allrady been answared....... so the comon the advice is to search before posting...... i tryed to search in the forum.... but cant find them..... so i want to know the proper way of searching in the forum.....


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Well buddy if u feast ur eyes up on the forum....yea right where there's all the login and stuff written.....there's also a search button....well just click on it and just type in the correct keywords for ur seacrh and possibly find some relevant things to ur query :wink:

it might not exactly display the accurate results but will be somewhere close enough :D


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a lot of guys , new and old faced the above problem . many threads written on it too . u can find the answers here . oops , well i'll just try to give it to you .


was another one which dealt with the same issue , can't find it . got the above one after 5 mins of diggin


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well u gotta make sure u type in the right keywords and keep digging thru the results...sometimes the threads u want might b very old and will take sometime 2 find...

once u become a regular here, u will tend 2 remember certain threads and u can find them more easily...
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