1. A

    Cdma smartphone within 15k budget

    Hello digitians, I am searching a cdma smartphone within Rs 15,000 for my friend's dad. I know that not many options are available for cdma smartphones. Also, a local mobile retailer is selling cdma motorola moto g gen 1 for 15.5k, is it a good price? Do moto g come in cdma variant...
  2. P

    help on searching on web

    I want to know that while searching on any search engine. If I use four different tabs for four different topics of search. The results of four different topics comes in respective tabs. How and why they are not mingled up each other. Pls help
  3. K

    fast searching

    Hi Guys, I have Adobe reader9. I usually search a word, through search box in Adobe reader9, one by one by entering. But it takes long time to give the result by searching all the pages since the file contains almost 2000 pages. Are there any ways OR methods for faster results for LENGTHY PDF...
  4. A

    Laptop buying guide!

    Want to buy new laptop my favorite brand is hp! I am looking for simple product which come with 2GB Ram, i3 or i5 processors and 500gb hard disks! The final thing is budget, it is 3ok. So many recommendations are for acer laptops but hp is good brand as per my prospective. Please give me...
  5. Ironman

    What is 2G Calling (Need to Know this) and a 7inch tablet with voice calling suggestion

    Is Voice Calling in a Smart phone and Voice calling and 2g Calling in 7 inch Tablet Same or the later requires constant internet ?? Please explain I AM IN A HURRY:cry: I have been searching for a 7 inch Tablet (Having Normal Mobile Calling Capabilities , so i can call sometimes) </= ~ 10k (Less...
  6. G

    best smartphone under 13k

    Now my father lost his previous phone recently and he has been looking to buy a new phone. he is looking at more of a good looking phone rather than the power under the hood how is the HTC desire C. and how is the sony neo l i was searching the net and found that it was quite good and one...
  7. Shah

    Facebook Template???

    Hi folks, I have been searching for Facebook's (Clone) Template in vain. I want a exact look-alike facebook template.(Definitely, not for phising). I need your help in searching for one. Please, Don't ignore.
  8. ribhu97

    Jailbreaking PS3 (4.25)

    I have been searching the net trying to jailbreak my ps3. But still haven't got a clue how to do it. PLs help anyone:-(
  9. E

    Need site!

    hey folks! Do you know any site for searching online local business? thanks
  10. theserpent

    Canon sx150 review

    What was i Looking for? I was searching the market for about a long time for a 10k(<200$) budget camera.I Came across many and kept aside Canon IXUS 115 And the SX150.At Last i bought sx150 As it is a supper zoom(12x),And has great features like the "MANUAL MODE".And Many people told me that...
  11. G

    Hard disk casing buying advice?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching a HDD casing, actually I am searching a casing that can be used with both SATA and IDE hdd's.So, Please advice which brand should I go for? Thank you. Regards, GEEKCOMPUTER_GEEK

    2 months searching for a headset|headphone,still no where.

    PLZ HELP THIS NOOB OUT.. Thats right:-x,i hav been searching for a new pair of headsets|headphones for 2 months.n my head is gonna explod soon.:-( well to be honest i havent spent above 150 rs for a headset till last one was one by "bylogic" n its been killing my ears since.then i...
  13. avinandan012

    560 Ti issues with win 7 x64

    i am now trying a Zotac 560Ti(non-amp) 1GB card. it shows ".. kernel mode driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered " system freezes or gives BSOD after searching in google it seems that it is a driver issue or win 7 compatibility issue. Does any one have any solution to...
  14. C

    Need help regarding ipod touch 32 gb

    Hey guys, as I had posted in ipod touch thread few eeks ago, my ipod went dead. so i took it to a shop at nehru place and the guys there said that its ic board has fault and cant be repaired. since then im searching for new options and have found one. Can I replace the ic board of my ipod touch...
  15. ajayritik

    Need 3.5 MM connector for Samsung Corby

    I have a Samsung corby and I lost the connector which will enable me to use a 3.5 MM Earphones to the Corby. Is there anyway I can get this somewhere. I tried searching in google but didn't find anything there. Something like the one in the below link...
  16. ico

    ** ~10k mobile advice thread **

    All queries related to mobile fones for around 10k and slightly more/less to be asked/solved/discussed here. What we are seeing is people are asking the same question again and again, instead of searching before.
  17. S

    Suggest Mobile Phone @11K

    Finally recieved my Moto Defy from Letsbuy. Am loving it. ;) Though it took me significant time to find simple features for me. :P And i unplugged my full charged Defy at 10 am, and by 5:30 pm it was out of battery, only 5% battery left, I guess though, thats normal. Only thing am not able to...
  18. S

    my data has vaporised!! plzzz help

    i'm running win7 on a laptop. my pen drive (kingston 4 gb, fat32) is not showing some of my folders. when i'm searching for them by name they're there and i can find the files within the folders but not the folders themselves. It is not possible to remember all the filenames and even searching...
  19. nvrmndryo

    How is the Logitech Z-5500 thx certified home theater ???

    hi , i want the best 5.1 for my pc ,, rite nw m using Artis -s800 since 9 years n still gud . but i want best bass n crystal clear sound , n while searching I found Logitech Z-5500 is good. so anyone heard these speakers ?? n wt will be the cost of these nwdays ??
  20. TSPatange_1309

    Software Suggestions

    Hello Friends, I am damn interested in gaming buff.From past 7 days i am constantly searching a software which can record my gameplay. many times i saw some homemade trailers and game plays on so i thought i can make one. so i started searching on i was in searching...
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