1. A_ashish_A

    Psvr/oculus rift/vive

    Any fixed india release date for psvr and oculus rift or vive? Googled it but didn't got any proper answer.
  2. ZTR

    Ace combat 7: Skies unknown

    Mpgwu-xpG5w A proper Ace Combat is coming to the PC :hyper::hyper::hyper: This is big. (And before someone says about Assault Horizon, no that crap wasn't a proper AC game, this is)
  3. TheMost

    Audio setup [60-70k]

    I have recently bought an SONY w850 47". I dont have a proper audio setup and I feel this is the time for me to setup one. Previously I had an idea of buying HTiB sets.But I miss that WOW factor. Here is what i want and what is required out of it. I am not an pure audiophile and have sparse...
  4. ithehappy

    Which OS is lighter for a netbook?

    My friend purchased a Samsung NP355E5X netbook, which runs on some AMD Dual Core APU 1.4 GHz. It comes with DOS, so need to install a proper OS. That CPU is pretty average, so which OS should he install, Windows 7 or Windows 8? Also 32 or 64 bit? Please don't recommend any Linux stuffs.
  5. S

    Proper Usage of Laptop Battery

    Friends, can you please share the proper way of charging and discharging laptop battery for best performance and longevity of the battery. I have seen lot of conflicting ideas on it .So,any advice will be great for me. Thanks in advance.
  6. R

    is buying a laptop from lamington road-mumbai safe?

    how to make sure that the laptop you buy there is completely genuine?i heard they can change lappie's original battery,ram,processor.. they give a proper genuine bill with full warranty. prices there are cheaper.what's the catch?
  7. speedyguy

    Is sound card required to get 4.1 surround

    I have recently purchased iBall Tarang 4.1 speakers. It has only R-L input (RCA) and the pin (other side of cable for PC/Players) also has only one stereophonic jack (3.5mm) which I connect to my laptop. Another note, my laptop(Lenovo T410) also has only one 3.5mm slot (3-pin compatible for...
  8. moshel

    [Want to Buy] MP3 Player

    Dear friends If anyone has a spare mp3 player available and want to sell, please let me know. MP3 player from major brands only please. First preference for a player with a clip...Shuffle, Clip, pebble..etc...smaller the better.. Atleast 4 gb memory Age of the player is no concern but it...
  9. G

    Help needed for Corsair 650TX plug type.

    Hi, Just bought my new system and my PSU has a UK plug type G. By a quick thought I bought a cheap desi adapter which cost me around 20 INR :P and using it by that way. Is it the proper way or is there anything else that I can do better ?
  10. giprabu

    Stock heatsink-fan problem..

    My stock cooling fan is too too noisy.. like a mixie running.. It even raises on heavy load (while gaming).. The other intel pcs are super silent. Pls suggest me proper heatsink .. or is the noise because of the graphic card ? i'm not able to distinguish. :???:
  11. dibya_kol

    how to oc 2500k with biostar tz68k+ mobo

    bought 2500k,biostar tz68k+ mobo and 4gb g.skill 1600mhz ram. Now i need ur help guys(a proper guide,how to oc this cpu). Thanks in advance.
  12. masterkd

    Hard disk purchase dilemma

    I want to buy a 2TB WD green hard disk(WD20EARS) and it is not available in the local retail shops. So i thought of purchasing it online. Now it is available in Theitwares @ 5.375k(including shipping) and in Lynx @ 4.075k(including shipping and tax) Now I have some reliability worry. Read...
  13. buddyram

    Big company's Small Behaviour!

    An employee of IBM was forcefully asked to resign for no proper reasons. That too on its centenary day IBM sacks employee
  14. M

    zebronics joypad 150jp no vibration

    Hi guys can any one help me on this i bought this zebronics gamepad with vibration model 150jp but windows 7 detects as only generic usb no sign of vibration neither in settings nor in the games. I installed the proper driver as well no use. Any one using this. I even changed new piece still the...
  15. U

    merging 2 cd game in 1 dvd

    i have age of mythology game which is on 2 cd. i want to compile it in 1 dvd. whats the proper way to do it, so that it doesn't asks for cd 2 while installing the game??
  16. ico

    Reputation system...needed or not?

    Fire away...We need proper discussion on this.
  17. V

    Is my Dell Package Tampered ?

    Hi guys, I had ordered a Dell laptop online a few days ago. Today I got the delivery. I found that the Dell Box didn't have a proper taping. I mean, normally you should have a proper 'Dell' Branded tape, around the box. But this package I got had a transparent cello tape with black...
  18. J

    Help me choose a netbook!

    I am a Civil Engineering student and plan to buy a netbook in few days.My main uses for the netbook are gonna be surfing the internet(obviously), reading(ebooks and notes), writing(I'm a budding writer of sorts), programming and watching video lectures and stuff. As I have a proper desktop at...
  19. R

    RAM bus speed mismatch?

    I have a P-IV processor with two 256MB RAMs(333MHz),one 128MB RAM(333MHz) and one 512MB RAM(266MHz).Will I get proper output?Its showing 1GB+ system memory.
  20. sona

    Fan for Zebronics Bijli cabinet

    I have got a Zebronics bijli cabinet but it doesn't have proper ventilation facility. I want to install a rear fan for the cabinet but a 120mm fan doesn't work for me as the space provided is too less for a 120 mm fan. Also it is large for a 80mm fan. Can anyone tell me the proper fan...
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