1. wewe

    Google Has Stopped Indexing Blog

    Hi, 1.] for the past month i noticed that Google has stopped indexing my Blog, despite updating it with regular writings. 2.] Logged into Google Webmaster Console & found that some recent posts were showing Redirect errors. No action from my end prior to this, AFAIK. 3.] Did a link check &...
  2. rhitwick

    WIN 10 context menu query

    Hi, is it possible to add an option to search in 'IMDB' on the context menu. What I want? I've folders with movie names, I want to right click on the folder and want an option in the context menu of search in IMDB. Is it possible?
  3. S

    ASUS ESSENCE STX II 7.1 where to buy

    Dear Guys, i want to buy ASUS ESSENCE STX II 7.1, I live in kolkata, i search on MD Computer but its not available also search on ITDEPOT & ITWARES online there is also not available. kindly suggest where i get this sound card or any other site to available there.
  4. S

    Google Custom Search Malware?

    Hi all, Offlate I have observed that whenever I am searching anything in my Firefox search window, the search redirects to Google Custom Search ( Some sites on the internet say that it is a malware. When I am changing my settings from "use system proxy settings" to "no proxy" I...
  5. J

    Open source cmdline utilities for the community

    Hi, Just wanted to share some of my open source utilities with the community: * Buku: Powerful command-line bookmark manager * googler: Google Search, Google Site Search, Google News from the terminal * imgd: Multiprocessing batch image resizer and rotator * dslib: Academic C data structures...
  6. E

    Android-based Text File Search Engine

    Please suggest me a free app for my Android cellphone [Asus A450CG] that can index and display results from inside Spreadsheets [XLS, XLSX] that I have on my SD Card. I tried out 'Andro Search'. It was a total fail, bloatware, resource-hog, that not only did not index content from inside...
  7. Zangetsu

    Post the non-sense/Idiotic/Mindless things

    Hi Guys, The Internet is huge and we come across many things which are useful to us or the public. But sometime we also encounter things which completely Senseless with no meaning or use. Or u can say Crap/Mindless etc :laughing_NF: So, post any if u find on the internet here. I...
  8. patkim

    Google lay Store How to update or where to get the apk for manual install

    On my Redmi 1S the Google Play Store app crashes frequently. It crashes mostly during typing a search string in the text box!! Basic steps like clear cache, clear data, delete and recreate account etc have been tried but the crash is consistent. So Search on Play Store is crippled on my device...
  9. Flash

    What're the APPS which you use daily on your PC?

    What are the Applications which you use (often)on your PC? Let me share mine. PC maintenance/Health - CCleaner/Glary Utilities/Tuneup/Defraggler/HD Sentinel Media - WMP/VLC/Bsplayer Security - 360 Total Security Search - Instant File Find, Everything Media editing - Photoshop Browser -...
  10. patkim

    Any alternative to Windows Built-in file/folder search?

    The built-in file/folder search in Windows 7 seems quite inconvenient to me! I feel search in XP was much better user friendly. Has anyone tried any third party alternatives? I would like to opt for one preferably freeware. Pl. suggest. Thx.
  11. J

    Cortana in windows 10

    Windows 10 is launched, and free upgrades have been rolled out across the globe. A bunch of new, cool features included in the latest iteration of Microsoft’s classic operating system, but one that really sticks out, apart from DirectX 12, is Cortana – your personal AI-assistant of sorts...
  12. V

    Only a matter of time before there is a deadly cyber attack?

    This recent blog post shows just how cheap and easy it is remotely detonate something (for just $50US in parts) and even to hack into control systems using free cloud servers and a search engine that can find connected devices? Is this all paranoia or something to be concerned about? The...
  13. A

    not able to get drivers for "PCI Simple Communication controller" for Laptop HP 15 r205TU

    I bought a Laptop HP 15 r205TU model no: K8U05PA I downloaded and installed all the drivers listed on the HP website for this model no. although there was a lots of confusion about which driver being applicable for my lappy.. I downloaded all the listed ones. most of the drivers got...
  14. vickybat

    Unable to run wildcard queries in hibernate search

    Hello guys, I'm unable to run wildcard type queries in hibernate search. Hibernate search is not the ORM persistence api we all are acquainted with but is a different thing. It's a full text and search api that searches through documents by indexing them. It's built on top of apache lucene...
  15. seamon

    Am I in England?

    There's something wrong with my BSNL connection these days as my location shifts to England. When I am chatting with my friend on FB, it shows that I am in England. When I google search anything(like a cell phone), it shows price in punds. LOL HELP!
  16. A

    Congratulation Sunny Leone for being the top trending People in google search thrice in a row

    * * *
  17. meetdilip

    Which Search engine in India for Firefox

    I guess FF 34 comes with Yahoo ! as default search in US, Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China. Any idea which one in India ?
  18. Desmond

    Google downranks Torrent sites, and it's consequences.

    In case you guys are wondering why your favourite torrent sites don't show up on Google these days, if you didn't know, check it out now. Google Will Punish "Pirate" Sites Harder in Search Results | TorrentFreak That's right, now sites like TPB and Yify-torrents don't show up in Google...
  19. A

    how to reset Facebook Account ????

    Is their any way to reset the FB account to a brand new account . mean to say that i want to delete all of my conversation , tags , search history , others who have search about me , post, friends...........every thing . without creating a new one. (Without going to activity log and delete each...
  20. @

    Google Search Trends of Indian Politics

    site: Google Search Trends of Indian Politics source code: * What it is and How it works: These two following graphs show the number of search results appeared on Google for certain keywords. If you search for 'Narendra Modi ' today you will see...
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